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So many good versions already... but no guitar yet, so I'll try an intro and a short spot midway =)

Really enjoyed this one guys, a big thanks to Peixe and aleonz.


May 31 2016 04:58:28
PeixePeixe Your guitar cries so beautifully on the track. Elegant playing. Classy touch my bud. Thanks a lot for playing with us!!!!

May 29 2016 19:34:32
MidoruMidoru Nice delicate touch for a beautiful song - your guitar is a perfect fit.
+1 May 29 2016 19:44:04 MidoruPsycho
Thanks Midoru... always a treat to see ya when you pop in. A very nice comment you left :) I should go see if you put something new up \m/
May 29 2016 14:03:32
aleonzaleonz It's really cool to see every each ideas for this song, each of them have different color and unique, I really enjoy listening to every remix, and now i listen your track, you sing your heart out through your guitar, thick clear line that echanced the feeling and emotion from the song , the intro really sweet Big Psy! so glad you join us!
+1 May 29 2016 14:13:30 aleonzPsycho
Thanks Big Al. I believe it it to be one of your best songs, so I couldn't resist... When you decided to try Peixes track you created a winner. You are such a inspiration to everyone here :)
May 29 2016 13:37:54
pklieschpkliesch Isn't this a great Song? Refined by your so good sounding lead. Great one, Bruce! :)
+1 May 29 2016 13:40:19 pklieschPsycho
Yes it is Pat... and I guess that's why I picked it :) I wanted to do more with it, but I think I would have ruined it's beauty... thank you my friend :)
May 29 2016 11:32:00
AKchenAKchen beautiful done Bruce :)
+1 May 29 2016 13:42:12 AKchenPsycho
Thanks very much dear AK... must be vocal week for me. I really admire what you and the other singers can do with a piece of music :)
May 29 2016 11:01:16
GlezBassGlezBass Good line guitar added
+1 May 29 2016 13:37:58 GlezBassPsycho
Really appreciate it Glez :)
May 29 2016 06:22:13
onewholeftonewholeft Really nice guitar mate
+1 May 29 2016 13:37:40 onewholeftPsycho
Thanks very much Keith :)
May 29 2016 04:36:06
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Simpley beautiful guitar for a lovely Song Bruce !! 0:24 till 0:31 is so great and touchy !! :) You Play your heart out :)

May 29 2016 02:52:33
RobMRobM Thank intro is freakin' beautiful Bruce and did you add a little flanger at the end of it ? Very nice touch buddy. Great emotion in the midway solo. Great add mate !! :)
+1 May 29 2016 03:03:36 RobMPsycho
Hey Rob dude, how are ya? I used the paulstretch effect for the intro ending. I just couldn't get enough sustain for some reason (probably the 3rd position A# note I used). Thanks for the very nice comments my friend :)
May 29 2016 02:44:50
piperpiper Very melodic P sounds great.. I was talking about your title sounds like what a hypnotist would say..
+1 May 29 2016 02:47:04 piperPsycho
Only you would think of that... but it's a good idea... I'm pooped. How much do you charge !! Thanks pipes :)
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