Maybe Tomorrow

Bass & Percussion:
Alex Sarikov99 jams
United States
FrankieJ860 jams
step III
nuno1959553 jams
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+ 17
Fantastic mix which didn't need ANY ADD but.. i just wanted to jam along such a cool groove ANYWAY !! As always when i mix on headphones, while playing it sounded fine & i didn't drown Alex's fine bass playing, in this mix & thanks to my mixing, it only starts separating my bass from his as you play it louder I have no clue what this means, surely something i'm doing wrong, the ideal being it would sound always quite separated ...


SuperSound made in Nuno,grande mi amigo...:D+1
May 29 2016 23:06:43
nuno1959 Gracias X !! That original template mix is SO addictive.. ;) +1
this is awesome nuno+1
May 29 2016 23:07:26
nuno1959 Hey Ax, Thanks buddy !
Glad you enjoyed listening ;)
Super cool sound Nuno!! Great :)+1
May 30 2016 01:37:00
nuno1959 Just LOVED the mix & had to jam with it.. ;) +1
It's so hard to separate two basses but I can hear it so well done 🤓🤓+1
May 30 2016 01:38:20
nuno1959 Tell me about it, it's really a PITA !!
That i usually use a ''brighter'' tone helps somewhat but still..
Really cool Nuno!!+1
May 30 2016 19:27:24
nuno1959 Cheers Puds, appreciated buddy ;) +1
get on it nuno !! yeah !!+1
May 30 2016 19:28:01
nuno1959 Hard not to be inspired by the original.. ;) +0
Lenny Cowler
Wow!!!Awesome bro:)+1
May 30 2016 19:29:47
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Glad you had fun bro, thanks !! +1
Pit Brett
nice colors nuno :)
Your mix is not so bad. Ialso have trouble mixing bass. you had 2 basses :)
May 30 2016 19:32:06
Pit Brett
nuno1959 Thanks PB, i know it's not too bad & yes, 2 basses are not easy !
BUT.. it's not as i heard it here while playing & that drives me NUTS !!! :O
I SO wanted one day to be able to upload something sounding as good as it sounds live, know what i mean ?
May 30 2016 22:25:43
Pit Brett
Pit Brett I think I know what you mean nuno.
There are so many components, maybe it would be easier to mix a dryer bass ( with less reverb) to the mix.
Don`t get me wrong I`m a big fan of your sounds :)
May 30 2016 23:00:14
Pit Brett
nuno1959 Reverb : yes i did use it here ( it's an FX i rarely use.. ) & funnily enough, as curious about & lucky in coming up w/ interesting FX patches for my bass, reverb is one i NEVER managed to get the gist of it or how to use it.. :(
Maybe one day… ;)
Really really nice mixing and playing here Nuno my friend. I love how your bass acts as background to this awesome groove!+1
May 30 2016 19:35:08
nuno1959 Thanks Kenny, glad i managed to get that exact ''background effect'' i aimed for !!
& yes, it IS an AWESOME groove - that's why i just had to jump in.. ;)
This is awesome nuno! I love it.
Thanks! :)
May 30 2016 19:36:11
nuno1959 Very glad you enjoyed this Frankie, i was torn between the excitement of joining in & the fear of ruining such a cool mix !! +1

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