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Alex Sarikov65 jams
Remix step #4 (playing)


nuno1959550 jams Supporter
+ 17
Fantastic mix which didn't need ANY ADD but.. i just wanted to jam along such a cool groove ANYWAY !!
As always when i mix on headphones, while playing it sounded fine & i didn't drown Alex's fine bass playing, in this mix & thanks to my mixing, it only starts separating my bass from his as you play it louder
I have no clue what this means, surely something i'm doing wrong, the ideal being it would sound always quite separated at whatever playing volume but hey, there you go..
Hope you have fun, i loved playing along.. ;)


June 03 2016 14:09:08
Unmistakable sound. Nunorific! Can easily hear your sound without blowing my ears off. Really like the slow "stabbing melody" in the middle. Happiness at the Bates Hotel?
+1 June 04 2016 00:24:59 Wade nuno1959
As complete as this mix was, i just could NOT leave it alone..
Re-Bates Motel stabs !? My cherished pick whipped open string ''barks'' to add a little edge ! Total bliss.. :D
May 30 2016 16:49:53
Sounds great!
+1 May 30 2016 20:02:30 Frankisaur nuno1959
Cheers Franki, much appreciated !!
May 30 2016 14:59:44
Perfect bass!:)
+1 May 30 2016 20:02:09 akethesnaker nuno1959
Glad you had fun Ake, thanks !!
May 30 2016 12:42:57
Woohoooawesome bassfest :D
+1 May 30 2016 19:44:31 RobM nuno1959
Eh, eh, eh… Glad you liked it Rob, thanks bro !!
May 30 2016 11:22:23
This is awesome nuno! I love it.
Thanks! :)

+1 May 30 2016 19:36:11 FrankieJ nuno1959
Very glad you enjoyed this Frankie, i was torn between the excitement of joining in & the fear of ruining such a cool mix !!
May 30 2016 09:57:52
Really really nice mixing and playing here Nuno my friend. I love how your bass acts as background to this awesome groove!
+1 May 30 2016 19:35:08 kennyadry nuno1959
Thanks Kenny, glad i managed to get that exact ''background effect'' i aimed for !!
& yes, it IS an AWESOME groove - that's why i just had to jump in.. ;)
May 30 2016 08:48:57
Pit BrettPit Brett
nice colors nuno :)
Your mix is not so bad. Ialso have trouble mixing bass. you had 2 basses :)

+1 May 30 2016 19:32:06 Pit Brett nuno1959
Thanks PB, i know it's not too bad & yes, 2 basses are not easy !
BUT.. it's not as i heard it here while playing & that drives me NUTS !!! :O
I SO wanted one day to be able to upload something sounding as good as it sounds live, know what i mean ?
May 30 2016 22:25:43 Pit Brett Pit Brett
I think I know what you mean nuno.
There are so many components, maybe it would be easier to mix a dryer bass ( with less reverb) to the mix.
Don`t get me wrong I`m a big fan of your sounds :)
May 30 2016 23:00:14 Pit Brett nuno1959
Reverb : yes i did use it here ( it's an FX i rarely use.. ) & funnily enough, as curious about & lucky in coming up w/ interesting FX patches for my bass, reverb is one i NEVER managed to get the gist of it or how to use it.. :(
Maybe one day… ;)
May 30 2016 04:49:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow!!!Awesome bro:)
+1 May 30 2016 19:29:47 Lenny Cowler nuno1959
Glad you had fun bro, thanks !!
May 30 2016 02:15:58
get on it nuno !! yeah !!
+1 May 30 2016 19:28:01 WHITEPONGO nuno1959
Hard not to be inspired by the original.. ;)
May 30 2016 02:08:54
Really cool Nuno!!
+1 May 30 2016 19:27:24 Ernie440 nuno1959
Cheers Puds, appreciated buddy ;)

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