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Dafunkydrummer180 jams
step I
United States
Wikimark1247 jams
Northern Ireland
JoshDexter123 jams
step III
United States
Mixer, Bass & Sequencer:
slynch196746 jams
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Um, yeah... so I just went all weird on this. Added a bass, and then took the vocals and turned them into 8 tracks, manipulated the crap out of them, mixed in the drums and keys to where I thought they should be, and mixed it all together. I know, it might not sound good to all, but I think it's dark, and strange, so I feel like I got what I was going for. It's 100% better with headphones ...
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strange, weird, dark, possessed.


Great mix and bass add that's what it's all about 👍+1
francisco al
boa sequência+1
Around about 2:00 in is my favourite part of this remix. And the sound I wish I could have replicated for my original track. I read what Girard wrote, and I do agree that the vocals were lost a bit. But, I do like what you've done!+1
What you've done is absolutely brilliant. The bass is right on the money, and you turned the vocal into an instrument if that's the way to describe it. It comes through as a distinct synthesized sound as opposed to just overlapping vocals. Really great. I know the argument could be made that some of Josh's actual vocals were lost a bit, but the overall product is 20X better if you ask me for my opinion.

This is one of the most creative best pieces of effort and results i've ever heard here.

Standing ovation man.
May 30 2016 06:58:11
slynch1967 Well Jeez, thank you. Some templates/songs, just get to me in such a way that I can't help but to go with what I feel and it puts me in a different mode as appose to just tossing in a bass. I love the creation process. I absolutely love working with vocal tracks of any type. I felt that there was more going on than just what the vocals "said", so I went with it. So glad you like it. +1

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