Drums track with real good music from Lutz, Thanx Lutz!

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Lutz141 jams
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MrAdamOnDrums1363 jams

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exactly what was needed! Thanks, brother!+0
well hey adam i tried a bassline for this... although it's with your flute remix. i am very intersted in hearing yours though. maybe my ear would learn a few things.+0
Gretsch Drums are so fun to play on!+0
Stunningly good!+0
Guys, your comments are like 300 000$ pay for me as musician... my dream is to do creativity in music for living, not just the stuff of others always, what you just wrote is driving me to more motivation to create real original and intelligent drum tracks or ideas, as co-composer, for other instrument, my favorite of other ideas-instrument, the bass!
I just did a jam in the bass for this track, but I hope that other bassmans or guitar players will join this one, 7437, before I fall too much in love with this session, ...I could post a bass line and a humble flute melody in 3 hours right away, but, like my good friend Lutz told me, the one who play the guitar here, if you try to let more space for others you will create more simplicity, so, more happiness right away... Thanx for all Lutz, I'm not perfect but I want happiness, oh yeah!
what a nice addition - like this-not easy with all the breaks - every time I am happy to hear new insertions from your drum to a jam like this..right man+0
I like this Bro. Lots of really good stuff in here. The part from 2:43-2:46 and other parts like that are particularly sweet. :) I heard that and thought "Dang that's cool!" It's not particularly hard to play it's just incredibly well placed. I never would have thought to play that. That is what I appreciate about your drumming. You play stuff that is super cool that I just don't have the imagination to dream up. Another great job!+0
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