Heart Aches, Heart Breaks

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Thought I would upload one of my original songs from a few years ago. My basic acoustic guitar skills pale to other guitarists on Wikiloops but the song has been well received whenever I've performed it. I'm hoping that someone will add to it. Happy Tuesday!
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Country, Heartbreak songs


Wonderful country atmosphere! :)+0
June 01 2016 00:38:38
ALawrence1 Thanks a lot! +0
cody tripp
May 31 2016 21:31:53
cody tripp
ALawrence1 Thanks Cody. I was a little unsure of putting this up. I appreciate the comment! +1


Heart aches, heart breaks,
Eyes cry, love dies.
Heart aches, heart breaks,
Eyes cry, love dies.

(Verse 1)

You used to say, that you needed me,
And that our love, would be true.
But one night I, walked through the door,
And he was there, with you.


Heart aches, heart breaks,
Eyes cry, love dies.
Heart aches, heart breaks,
Eyes cry, love dies.

(Verse 2)

Oh yes that night, when I came home,
And you were in, his arms.
All those vows, that you made to me.
To never do, me harm.


(Verse 3)

So now I walk, out the door,
And my heart, is so blue.
I hope one day, that your love dear,
Breaks your heart, and hurts you too.



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