lost in time

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acoustic Guitar:
SupJax202 jams
step I
United States
axenvocs805 jams
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+ 5
I play the mouth...


Major 3rd
just seeing this ....awesome job on the vocals!!!! very very cool+1
July 27 2016 23:02:32
Major 3rd
axenvocs thanks man musta been half off bong night lol +1
July 27 2016 23:04:08
Major 3rd
Major 3rd perfect! lol +0
still way cool and special. fun to listen this 'storytelling'. not to forget - you stayed with Confusy concept :D+0
Tough to follow I tried guitar first but couldn't find the key seemed like D but I liked IT not sure what happened with the stereo upload+1
June 02 2016 21:00:06
SupJax i have no idea. guitars are lying around. if epicness is calling, i just grab one and start recording. without success mostly xD
i only do a little semi-tuning. don't ask for notes

tapping on 1st string. rhythm is 6th
early flute-style. the hell you doing? :D
crazy. awesome sound man...hypnotics. very nice art. i like the title :)
q: acoustics are mono now, and vocals stereo. didn't work for you, both stereo? the intro actually. i need to know, if my melodics are way too offtuned.
ugh, i need some new words lol

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