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An idea I had and decided to do something about. Guitars are pretty full but I left it open for some drums and maybe some vocals, keys... whatever you feel, by some of you talented people. Would hope for HQ tracks so I can go back and play with them, but please feel free to play around and enjoy it.
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love the sound!+1
Major 3rd
Cool, very interesting reminds a little of Yes.....I like the structure a lot...nice playing, wait its better than that....I love the changes and chord structure...dwnl'd+1
June 02 2016 05:07:45
Major 3rd
slynch1967 Thanks man, I'm not all that good of a guitar player but I love to compose. I'm picking up alot of new ideas from all you super talented musicians. Glad you like it :) +1
June 02 2016 19:50:44
Major 3rd
Major 3rd you play very well!!! and yes your a great composer....its great benefit to have this community to learn and grow with musically. Helps me so much.... +1
Lenny Cowler
very nice track:)+1
June 02 2016 05:05:50
Lenny Cowler
slynch1967 Would love to hear you do something with it, if and when you got free time :) +1
Great job, good thing you went for it :) Indeed some drums and this one would be a fine vocal attempt :)+1

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