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This template was awesome. The vocals were clean and amazingly funny to me. Drums were tight and what I'd expect. Overall the template sounded harsh though, BUT that's not saying that it wasn't good because it was and is. I decided to go with that sound and try to make it work for me, so... I added a bass over the existing one, then I did something I never do, I added vocals (backing only lol) and tried to make them fit the mood, I then went with a nice organ w/saw and work my tail off to get it all smooth. Well it's not smooth, but that harshness fits it, so I hope you get a nice laugh out of this song as a whole. Again, the lyrics had me laughing. Hope you enjoy :)


June 04 2016 00:10:28
Nice track guys!

June 03 2016 18:12:16
Excellent job !

June 03 2016 11:46:12
sounds fab

June 03 2016 10:17:07
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
Okay, this was awesome the song was great to begin with , you added that organ and back up vocals...nice..I added the leads and some voicings for the chorus...hope it suites it..
+1 June 03 2016 13:44:25 Major 3rd slynch1967
Hey there Major... Do you have an HQ track of your guitar, I'd love to get a hold of it. Hit me up :)
June 03 2016 19:18:05 Major 3rd Major 3rd
I have whatever you need! still trying to figure out what HQ is...I have the original tracks in 320 or wave format...just let me know...;o)
June 03 2016 20:44:08 Major 3rd slynch1967
I in-boxed you would love the wave file.
June 03 2016 09:36:06
Nice one!

June 03 2016 09:24:05
Very cool, thanks for joining.

June 03 2016 08:45:04
Fantastic! Ill give it a go over the weekend :)
+1 June 03 2016 09:18:20 TeeGee slynch1967
Cool man, looking forward to it. Great spot for a solo where the vocals say "here we go". Would love to get some fills here and there... that nice gritty, dirty distortion sound.
June 03 2016 08:22:26
:) hihihi :)

June 03 2016 04:45:11
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

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