Peep Show Boogie Woogie

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Kept it simple and focused on maintaing the proper vibe of the song...which by the way is an awesome song! kudos! Added Lead guitat parts and some voicings in the chorus.


June 04 2016 05:11:15
Major 3rdMajor 3rd wow sounds a lot better.Sounds amazing!!..nice work! Just saw this...;o) This makes me smile...thanks for your hard work on this....excellent!!!
+0 June 04 2016 05:14:31 Major 3rdslynch1967
I just messaged you, I know why it won't let me upload it under your guitar, but I did upload it as a fresh remix on my page. I think it turned out good.
June 04 2016 04:56:20
slynch1967slynch1967 Am I missing something.... Major 3rd sent me a raw hq of his guitar. I wanted to upload a remix to it but I'm getting no option to do so...
+1 June 04 2016 05:11:53 slynch1967Major 3rd
I am truly impressed at the improvement....jaw is hanging! nice!!!!
June 03 2016 18:51:48
TG_StratTG_Strat whoa very cool playing here!! Well done!
+1 June 03 2016 18:55:59 TG_StratMajor 3rd
ty! ;O)
June 03 2016 18:50:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)
+1 June 03 2016 18:56:12 Lenny CowlerMajor 3rd
thanks Lenny!
June 03 2016 13:39:59
slynch1967slynch1967 Hah! You got the right idea. Real cool the sound. Thanks for joining in on this :)
+1 June 03 2016 13:41:29 slynch1967slynch1967
Would you happen to have this add in an HQ track, I'd love to get my hands on it :)
June 03 2016 18:57:36 slynch1967Major 3rd
I can send you the file...Im not sure what HQ track just a dumb guitar I be happy to get ya whatever it is you need...:O) great job on this song to everyone...LOVE IT! I think i listened all night to it..haha
June 03 2016 11:42:49
titititi ZZ style ! Cool track all, and play for you !
+1 June 03 2016 13:46:43 titislynch1967
That's cool you'd say that. That is the sound I was hoping to get from this template. Major 3rd's lead guitar gets it there for sure.
June 03 2016 18:58:27 titiMajor 3rd
June 03 2016 18:59:33 titiMajor 3rd
Slynch 1967....I read what you were looking for in the leads so I took it in that direction...gritty honky tonk blues kind of vibe
June 03 2016 11:32:19
petebasspetebass Hey Maj:)great guitar work,and a super add to the track, thanks loads for jamming with us:);)
+1 June 03 2016 19:00:11 petebassMajor 3rd
nothing but my pleasure and joy to work with ya all.....;o) ty
June 03 2016 10:43:09
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice one!
+1 June 03 2016 19:01:28 jmrukkersMajor 3rd
thanks, this is a simple song but everyone did an amazing job...super creative...and it goes to show you a good song doesnt have to be some miraculously structred symphonic experience...It just needs to reach into the heart and soul and this song you guys did does that....nice guitar from you! love it
June 03 2016 19:12:59 jmrukkersjmrukkers
It's the three-string cigar box guitar you can see in my avatar. Tons of fun, great for going back to basics
June 03 2016 19:24:49 jmrukkersMajor 3rd
thats one heck of a cool and nice sounding 3 string guitar! awesome !

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