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Apologies to previous players; it's been shortened...still plenty long though. Unadorned Alto sax that tries to weave through.


December 22 2016 18:57:06
Awesome my friend :) I love it Wade
+1 December 22 2016 22:59:39 ivax Wade
Thanks Xavi. Appreciate the listen and comment.
June 10 2016 10:47:33
Excellent playing, Wade! Completes this fine track of three great musicians. A dream tream you 4 truly are.
+1 June 11 2016 06:01:30 Liesching Wade
You're very kind Marc. I'm just having fun trying to keep up with these fine players. Fortunately the style is easy for me.
June 07 2016 15:37:40
Superb add Wade... Great fun to listen to you. Thanks ^^
+1 June 08 2016 02:31:11 Funkystan Wade
Cheers Funkystan. Very kind of you to listen and comment.
June 07 2016 02:34:23
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bom
+1 June 07 2016 06:01:04 francisco al Wade
Muito obrigado Francisco. Muito bom de que você ouça.
June 06 2016 10:55:35
Wow wade, so smooth
+1 June 06 2016 10:57:17 FrankMil FrankMil
Great tone, new mic or something ? Perfect
June 07 2016 05:58:59 FrankMil Wade
Thanks Frank. Hopefully smooth is good? Same microphones as usual. Just recorded this one without effects (dry) and only added a little Audacity "Gverb". Makes for a distinct clean sound, which I thought was in order for this track to match up with Tof.
June 06 2016 00:19:31
& weave through he does, indeed !! Lovely lines & tone Wade ;)
Wonderfully relaxed, warm yet driven song, those drums keep it flowing forward, uber cool

+1 June 06 2016 06:10:55 nuno1959 Wade
Yes, great drum track that drives this along. I'd like to consider this out of character for me, but the jazz lounge play/feel comes out so easily I've got to question my non-jazz authenticity.
June 07 2016 02:22:52 nuno1959 nuno1959
I think i understand what you're saying & while i'm out of my depth here, i'd risk saying your phrasing, your feel, hell the very tones of the instruments you play might have in them elements reminiscent of jazzy styles/feels but i think you're a much freer player & have a way of getting it done all of your own.
So, authenticity !? Come again Wade nº2 ?.. ;)
June 08 2016 01:00:07 nuno1959 Wade
Nuno, you just know how to make me feel good. Nice to know that the sound fits (jazzy) yet is distinctly me. Kind of bizarre that so many sax players try to sound exactly like someone who played half a century ago. I'll never get that as what's taught to aspiring young players.
June 08 2016 01:07:33 nuno1959 nuno1959
I don't know how it works elsewhere but here there are a number of jazz aficionado circles that frown at anything that doesn't fit some rigid set of rules, it's so weird..
June 08 2016 02:20:50 nuno1959 Wade
As someone who lived through that period, listened to the music (and enjoyed it in its time and place), I can say with some authority that the last thing that was on those musicians minds (then) was to conform or play like someone from 50 years before their time. Music and all the arts move on. To not do so is to become part of a museum culture. That's fine for individuals, but IMHO a grave mistake and disservice to demand through teaching that new talent is hobbled by this sort of misdirection.
June 08 2016 12:29:59 nuno1959 nuno1959
Couldn't agree more !!
June 05 2016 15:39:29
Wade always surprises with his sax lines, impeccable harmonies and sound adapted to the spirit of the jam
+1 June 06 2016 06:06:33 GlezBass Wade
So kind of you. Easy to want to come to this party (uninvited) with so many fine you.
June 05 2016 14:36:41
Love lounge? I'm in... especially with such a fine sax player to make life easier !! Sounds great :)
+1 June 06 2016 06:04:32 Psycho Wade
You're in? I'm trying to get out! Have spent a lot of time denying the jazz sax thing...and well, here I am.
June 05 2016 12:17:13
I'm a fan Wade:)
+1 June 06 2016 06:03:14 Jeebsie Wade
Too kind. Always appreciate it when you have a listen.
June 05 2016 11:37:02
Pit BrettPit Brett
beautiful wade!
the melodies comes out of your saxophone like butterflies :)

+1 June 08 2016 02:29:56 Pit Brett Wade
Thanks so much Pit. Love the butterfly image. Reminds me of a joke my father used to tell (in Hungarian) that may also be appropriate: What's the lightest thing in the world? ...the answer is Butterfly farts!
June 08 2016 21:17:38 Pit Brett Pit Brett
excellent :D
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