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cody tripp1145 jams
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PeterVeillon902 jams
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Ernie440614 jams Supporter
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My middle of the night bass add to Tom, Peter and Ray's cool country styled tune-age. Thanks for the great jam guys! :) Had to do the whole thing with headphones on as I didn't want to wake the house!


June 21 2016 06:06:04
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal

June 06 2016 21:23:16
PeterVeillonPeterVeillon Sweet bass, it holds up rather well. This was a fun jam. Thanks everyone
+1 June 06 2016 22:29:53 PeterVeillonErnie440
Thanks Peter! :)
June 06 2016 05:52:18
rp3drumsrp3drums great add, fits perfectly in with the song, rounds it off quite nice, need some vocals...
+1 June 06 2016 15:54:07 rp3drumsErnie440
Thanks Ray, I may do this one again during the day with my mic, give it more pop and snap and less super low freq. than this direct in debacle lol:)
June 17 2016 02:54:50 rp3drumsBoylston
I'd love to hear that. What amp/mic combo do you like?
June 17 2016 03:09:13 rp3drumsErnie440
Hey Boylston ... I like your avatar .. haha .. :) I actually need to get a proper mic sometime but for now I'm using a 20+ yr old radio shack mic I bought back in the day pushed up against my 18" black window run with my hartke LH1000 ... I should probably have the mic positioned in front of one my 4X10s on top of the 18" speaker but my footstool is only so tall .. LOL. Anyway, I do find the cheap mic gives a punchier tone with less low end woof, just seems more real than the direct in stuff but I guess with tweaking .. I'm pretty new to mixing. :)
June 05 2016 15:49:34
cody trippcody tripp REALLY COOL
+1 June 05 2016 16:26:16 cody trippErnie440
Thanks, glad to jam with you again Tom. :)
June 05 2016 15:12:32
garymcmillgarymcmill You made a cool tune more cooler!
+1 June 05 2016 16:26:37 garymcmillErnie440
And it could get cooler yet! :) Thanks Gary!
June 05 2016 13:10:55
PewiPewi Perfect, as a carpet!
+1 June 05 2016 16:27:06 PewiErnie440
Thanks Pewi! I carpet bombed them with low end! :)

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