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OK people work with me here. This is not a groove type recording--set with one mood--it moves around some.
2 guitar tracks on this in a special tuning I came up with.

Not sure the genre---- Hillbilly Tripp, Folk Jazz, Blues infused World Jazziness, kitchen sink. Anyway it some of what I do. So as Tim Gunn says "Work with me people". Maybe if a part grabs ya--add to that area and pass it on to the next jammer!

If no ...


Looking back and listening to some of your past music here. This one is FANTASTIC!:D
I instantly feel an awesome Grateful Dead vibe here:)
January 03 2017 18:17:39
Leftdaloops1019 thanks for rummaging through my drawers!:D +1
January 03 2017 18:18:57
mortheol :o +0
January 03 2017 18:19:30
mortheol With that one...I fear going any further:P +0
January 03 2017 18:22:43
Leftdaloops1019 not those drawers!!!!!!
HA I roped #¢™$$% to play bass on this........this site is geared for one style and one beat, one note..... stuff with movement, variation, usually won't get adds..and if it does it is a FAIL(sad to say)
January 03 2017 18:33:36
Leftdaloops1019 I revised the above comment! +1
Fantastic crazy, cool and great :W+2
Very nice ;o)+1
fantastic Gemmy :)+1
June 12 2016 12:45:20
Leftdaloops1019 Thank You! +0
Super Menestel ! un pur moment de modern troubadour médiéval style :)
ça c'est de la compo, ça respire, c'est joli!
This is quite nostalgic - it harks back to a time when musical divisions were melting away. More than that, it tells a story along the route :)+1
francisco al
bom trabalho, GemmyF. ficou legal+1
<3 <3 <3 <3+1
January 20 2017 23:06:14
Leftdaloops1019 thanks Man!!!!:D +1
January 20 2017 23:12:36
eGiL Going for a double bass add on this one! Going to use those 7 strings for all its worth! :) +1
January 20 2017 23:16:20
Leftdaloops1019 Get your baby to play the high strings! +1
January 20 2017 23:20:24
eGiL Lol :D +0
mmmm mmmm really special.
delicious trance with fantastic layering.
crazy good. i liked the charming spot at 2:31. beautiful build to your arrangement - it's a beyoot. :)
January 21 2017 23:32:01
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks! +0
This one it's amazing, i love the way you thread(that's the proper word? sorry for my english)both guitars , you are a GREAT musical factory man,really cool work ;)+1
November 07 2017 18:23:03
Leftdaloops1019 Much Appreciated! Coming from you! +1
November 07 2017 18:44:53
GreenDog Looking for some track wich add some green guitar I found this one checking out your profile ,later(at evening on spanish hour,the future,you know lol:D) i will have more time to still searching ,if you have in mind some tracks in which I can add something ,please let me know,i like your style and your music but i don´t like step on others space ,so as a beginner guitar player i am(just 9 or 10 years on six strings)i need some space to pour my fleas :D :D send me a pm if you wish,and sorry again for my english :| i hope you can understand me +1
November 07 2017 18:55:26
Leftdaloops1019 I'll look through and try to find some of my Least Favorites...that a dog can mess up!:D I'll send you some links---I made an album called Add Something Pretty! please!
November 07 2017 18:58:14
Leftdaloops1019 Alot of times I'll load an HD single Guitar track when I've played a double guitar....My thought is I like to show it can be done..and then kind of prime the pump, as well as throwing down the guantlet for all the guitar greats to add their genius. Includes you! +1
November 07 2017 19:52:26
GreenDog Oh,thanks man,that's a great compliment :) you have a good point ,let's see what can i do on your music +1

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