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OK people work with me here. This is not a groove type recording--set with one mood--it moves around some.
2 guitar tracks on this in a special tuning I came up with.

Not sure the genre---- Hillbilly Tripp, Folk Jazz, Blues infused World Jazziness, kitchen sink. Anyway it some of what I do. So as Tim Gunn says "Work with me people". Maybe if a part grabs ya--add to that area and pass it on to the next jammer!

If no one jams it I'm warning ya I'm going sing on it!


November 13 2016 19:20:58
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho, GemmyF. ficou legal

June 14 2016 00:20:13
WadeWade Very enjoyable ramble through this tuning. So may sections it's like a little symphony with a free improvised feel.
+0 June 14 2016 01:24:35 WadeGemmyF
Thanks Wade, that's what I was basically going for, as well as--hey, sit down with me with your instrument and lets ramble like old friends who have played together forever and can read each other's minds
June 14 2016 06:10:20 WadeWade
Much easier for me to do live...takes a bit more listening to do with a recorded track. Maybe the tyranny of getting it right if recording?
June 14 2016 06:23:22 WadeGemmyF
It is very tedious to get it right. Even though my recordings are nowhere near the Technical wizardy as Lots and lots of players on wiki I do record my tracks at least 20 times. Sometimes maybe 40. If you listen to them you might say, Give up dude, but I like to do a clean track all the way through and the right feeling too at all the parts--and edit volumes and effects afterwards. I think is my way of practicing to listen and interpret a piece, even though I'll never shred like some the parts become integral to the track
June 14 2016 06:27:52 WadeGemmyF
sorry to say the ones I have put on vocals I can't do that many takes as my office is in the middle of the house and I become annoying and since I go direct in with guitar I'm barely heard. Except my wife complains she can hear my headphones blaring. She just doesn't want me to go....Huh want did you say?...deaf
June 14 2016 06:37:13 WadeWade
I hear you...or maybe I don't...can you repeat that?
June 12 2016 20:50:54
RobMRobM Your music tells a compelling story. Really enjoyed the listen :)

June 12 2016 14:23:55
TofzegritTofzegrit Sorry for my comment in french !
It seems to me modern medieval and electric minstrels band :).
There is breathe, tension, melody,emotions... it's a great composition

+0 June 12 2016 14:52:20 TofzegritGemmyF
Loved the french! Thanks! Glad you liked it. This special tuning I came up with kind of forces me to play in this way, well lets say it enables to play this way. Thanks Tof
June 12 2016 12:56:22
LoBiasLoBias This is quite nostalgic - it harks back to a time when musical divisions were melting away. More than that, it tells a story along the route :)

June 12 2016 12:48:19
TofzegritTofzegrit Super Menestel ! un pur moment de modern troubadour médiéval style :)
ça c'est de la compo, ça respire, c'est joli!

June 12 2016 12:29:37
ivaxivax fantastic Gemmy :)
+1 June 12 2016 12:45:20 ivaxGemmyF
Thank You!
June 05 2016 23:36:44
UloisiusUloisius Very nice ;o)


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