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hey guys chuck chris and I just finished another demo song I had on here you guys jammed too...we wrote it about the hard work and struggle of being a long distance band and trying to pursue music as a career....all or nothing and cant give give it a listen guys and show some love


August 28 2016 05:32:08
francisco alfrancisco al muito ótimo james

June 10 2016 21:38:46
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Cool metal !! :D

June 06 2016 22:39:13
James dooJames doo I had a lot of fun recording this track supjax....and its just a scratch track...can't wait to send it out to the studio and see how it sounds
+0 June 06 2016 23:57:27 James dooSupJax
keep contrast :D anthem + jumpoutofwindow riffing
how much time for recording drums lol
June 28 2016 08:30:00 James dooshumdrummer
Not long it's usually only a couple hours
June 30 2016 22:07:25 James dooSupJax
'only' :@ i like the solid triple groove. guess it's your old setup, going to rerecord with new snare and maybe doublebass some day?
June 06 2016 05:26:09
James dooJames doo Do it up supjax
+1 June 06 2016 12:41:08 James dooSupJax
i did. way too much, 1st string lol :@
some beer, tuning, looping this on speakers, bbl. well done btw
June 06 2016 04:55:38
SupJaxSupJax breakdooown! sort of :D
precheers, i hope i can give backup per leads


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