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So if Television got funky would that make them the Talking Heads, or the Holloys, the Police?

The usual request. Horns, Bass, fat organ, tasty piano/keys, Some blast of shred guitar


October 31 2016 22:57:59
earlstevenearlsteven this is awsome,very cool
+0 October 31 2016 23:00:21 earlstevenGemmyF
Thanks! Appreciate it!
August 09 2016 19:00:44
mortheolmortheol Jim, This is "Off The Hook" super cool!
Great layers:) Super Mix, Left to Right to center channel effect. Killer with the headphones!!
As others have said Adrian Belew comes to mind, which for me is a great thing..big fan of his..and now yours:D

+1 August 09 2016 19:53:22 mortheolGemmyF
Awww...I mean, aahhh shucks, duuhh...thanks!!! (all in a cartoon character's voice)
August 09 2016 01:06:38
ivaxivax Awesome Gemmy :)

August 08 2016 20:12:44
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Jim!! Some parts sounds like Adrian Belew, yeah!! Great chord progression !!

August 06 2016 18:21:57
Ernie440Ernie440 Grooooovy.

August 05 2016 07:42:11
aleonzaleonz Very cool track Gemmy!

August 01 2016 03:49:31
francisco alfrancisco al vegood job
+1 August 01 2016 04:00:14 francisco alGemmyF
July 31 2016 21:41:23
DemianDemian There is a serie called "Rock goes to college" from BBC, i see in YouTube Bill Bruford and his band. I know is many wonderfull drumers, but Bill B is my favorite
+1 July 31 2016 21:47:28 DemianGemmyF
What he did in Yes was phenom, then went on to King Crimson!!! real player. I was reading somewhere on the 2nd Yes album with Wakeman, it took a year to make(maybe less) and that's why he left the band-- it took too much time to make an album. I listen to that album and wonder how could such a work ever be made, in 10 years. He certainly has many ULTRA fine recordings under his belt!
July 31 2016 23:23:24 DemianDemian
Yes is a wonderfull band. The Yes Album, Fragile, Close to the Edge... all beautiful music
July 31 2016 20:47:13
GemmyFGemmyF thanks! a lot for the listen!

July 31 2016 20:27:45
DemianDemian Super style, i like


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