Tastes Like Cream

Remix step #3 (playing)
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KMstar1140 jams Supporter
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June 09 2016 17:33:04
Great add bro!! Pure 60's here.
+1 June 09 2016 17:46:10 Guadaña KMstar
Thanks David!
June 08 2016 11:25:25
Awesome Ken!
+1 June 09 2016 02:04:00 wiseshanks KMstar
Thanks man! fun jam
June 08 2016 09:05:07

June 08 2016 04:40:03
That's some wicked bass Ken... cool jam you guys have here :)
+1 June 08 2016 04:51:36 Psycho KMstar
Thanks Bruce! its been a bit since we have jammed, glad you enjoyed the song!
June 08 2016 04:33:47
Hey the wrecking crew is back!

Yeah pure classic rock great stuff y'all.

+1 June 08 2016 04:38:08 Girard KMstar
Oh man Carol is on another level Higher (or or 4) she would tear you one for that comment if she saw it lol
June 08 2016 04:39:37 Girard Girard
I have no idea what you are talking about or who Carol is!
June 08 2016 04:44:55 Girard KMstar
Carol Kaye was the most sought after sudio bass player from about 64 to 78, the group of musicians she regularly worked with in Hollywood were know as the wrecking crew. she was the bass plaer on Hawaii Five-o and the Brady bunch themes and a ton of others. I know her attitude and she would rip on you for the comparison then critique the hell out of this track if she saw you metioned the wrecking crew. maybe i guess lol ;)
June 08 2016 04:47:38 Girard KMstar
of coarse I cant speak for her and I am only joking around, thanks for the compliement bro
June 08 2016 04:52:54 Girard Girard
That's interesting! It shows how hard it is to be recognized or known to the general public, even after a period of excellence at something. I have never even heard of the woman.
June 08 2016 04:57:24 Girard KMstar
She still teaches lessons over skype, I am thinking about giving it a shot and going more towards jazz concepts, she eaches chord based theory instead of scale bassed. Its a different way to thinkl from the way rock is played. you know what I mean I am sure but she teaches how to play a 13th note at the right time.
June 08 2016 05:05:13 Girard Girard
I just watched a Youtube video of her teaching Gene Simmons a lick lol
June 08 2016 05:10:27 Girard KMstar
I have seen it lol, people give Gene shit because he got schooled on it, I think its awesome that she took her time to show him something on camera and he payed close attention. She is an amazing guitar player as well its just not my personal go to kind of songs.
June 08 2016 05:12:11 Girard Girard
She did NOT age well lol
June 08 2016 05:14:24 Girard KMstar
no but her brain did ;)
June 08 2016 05:20:07 Girard KMstar
if I know about her I know all my favorites do too, except you, thats wierd, but I bet just about all the greats have gone to her like she is the oracle in the matrix movies lol
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