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I don't sing well and this is a perfect track for it. So instead of a song I let the 'ol guitar make some noise =)

Thanks cody... it's a dandy !


June 19 2016 01:22:12
Nice job!
+1 June 19 2016 03:28:53 akethesnaker Psycho
Thanks my friend... and ya better stop in Kansas next time you cross the creek :)
June 11 2016 05:39:59
Good sounding cowboy rock. Nice interplay throughout the track. Really sounds like you were sitting together playing off each other.
+1 June 11 2016 14:15:02 Wade Psycho
Thanks Wade... had a bobble here and there, but it was fun to try this one :)
June 12 2016 07:37:54 Wade Wade
Our reality is that this is a jam site. Although there are a few that will work and overwork a track until note perfect many of us won't. We hear, we play. If there is clear intention the listener gets it, no need for perfection. I'm always reminded of Miles Davis. He fluffed more notes than any pro player I can think of, yet his playing is loved and respected. Accuracy didn't matter, even at his level.
June 11 2016 04:08:01
Nice one Bruce.
Thought I was going to hear you sing a little :)

+1 June 11 2016 14:16:47 FrankieJ Psycho
Thanks Frankie. No singing by me any time soon... I may have worded the description wrong. I just let the ol guitar sing :)
June 11 2016 20:10:04 FrankieJ FrankieJ
That makes two of us :)
June 10 2016 07:45:33
Ah Bruce :)
+1 June 11 2016 03:04:00 Stella Psycho
Wooohoo Stella... thanks I think? ;)
June 10 2016 05:03:46
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
excellent bro:)
+1 June 11 2016 03:03:17 Lenny Cowler Psycho
Thanks very much Lenny :)
June 09 2016 22:37:43
great Psycho :)
+1 June 10 2016 00:20:04 abuitremorem Psycho
Thanks abu... I was very hesitant to try this but really like it, so I did :)
June 09 2016 21:53:36
So good to hear your guitar fly wonderfully on this track Big Psy!
+1 June 10 2016 00:18:57 aleonz Psycho
Thanks Big Al... it was all I could think of... just keep moving at a fast pace. Very different for me :)
June 09 2016 21:17:44
Fantastic Psych :)
+1 June 10 2016 00:17:39 ivax Psycho
Thanks Ivax... was a bit of a challenge. But still my guitar style is heard... maybe I'll try it in a different context later :)
June 10 2016 00:38:04 ivax ivax
the search for new experiences is interesting... Wikiloops is the key
June 10 2016 00:40:00 ivax Psycho
Yes sir... that's what I like about it. So much opportunity here. To create all different kinds of music with you guys is a dream come true :)
June 09 2016 20:27:14
Funny play on this track :)
+1 June 10 2016 00:16:06 titi Psycho
Yup... some parts are a bit funny... good remark!... thanks titi :)
June 09 2016 18:47:18
Cool add Bruce! So good! :)
+1 June 10 2016 00:15:31 Stef Psycho
Maybe a bit out of my league but that's what the loops are for... thanks for the nice comment Stef :)

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