The Journey is the Destination

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vocal add,,,Lyrics in comment section. add bass, more leads/rhythm guitar, or more vocals where i left off or even over the top of what I did...someone who can really belt it out....not being a real singer i tend to sing sort of sing rhyme type of thing ....but im trying to develop....just having some fun experimenting again.


June 14 2016 19:17:08
Fine singing...Let it out Man!!
You are good.:D

+1 June 14 2016 20:15:06 mortheol Major 3rd
thank you Mortheol ;O)
June 10 2016 20:25:35
Very very cool, Fine vocals!! Great track you both!!
+1 June 10 2016 20:26:50 frankyguitar Major 3rd
thanks Franky!
June 10 2016 07:21:30
Sounds really good with the vocal and guitar! Add some fat drums & bass & it will be awesome
+1 June 10 2016 10:37:50 phonix11 Major 3rd
75222 is a drum and guitar add i believe to this...def drums..came out great...;O) you can click the remix tab..its under the player...brings you to the remixes...I just figured it
June 10 2016 02:11:59
Fine vocals!
+1 June 10 2016 02:17:16 akethesnaker Major 3rd
thank you..;O)
June 09 2016 22:39:06
You can sing don't sell yourself short nice lyrics too
+1 June 10 2016 02:17:45 axenvocs Major 3rd
thanks ;O) appreciate the words
June 09 2016 19:21:50
many journeys today :)
Just Guitars and vocals: Classy and easy listening

+1 June 10 2016 03:34:48 Tofzegrit Major 3rd
thank you
June 09 2016 15:47:55
James dooJames doo
Sweet major 3rd...vocals fit great...sounds good
+1 June 10 2016 02:18:15 James doo Major 3rd
thanks James....I love your song..nice work!
June 09 2016 14:28:04
Juan LuisJuan Luis
this is something very big and very good
Work on drums
I hope to be at height

+1 June 10 2016 02:18:46 Juan Luis Major 3rd
i just heard your adds and left comments...amazing work you did...awesome!
June 09 2016 13:31:54
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
It’s okay that they weren’t there
When you needed help the most
They played it safe
They left you on your own

There’s two paths that you can choose
As long as you know the road your on
Just don’t turn off, keep going straight
Till you get to your destination

There’s no way that they can say
They ever cared for anyone
Just keep the faith
And just stay strong
Till you get where your going to..

I remember looking at you
As I lay there cold and still
You turned and walked the other way
Which way do we turn

The journey is the destination

Though the road has many turns
Many things we learn
You never hold onto the past
You keep going on! Yeah

Repeat previous…chorus

Which way do we go
Which way do we turn
Nobody ever really knows
Just keep going on
The journey is the destination


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