FunkyTexasDisco in Doc Martins

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United States
Guitar & Drums:
GemmyF1468 jams
step I
United States
GemmyF1468 jams
step II
United States
GemmyF1468 jams
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No talk---just dance! and No this is not what one might hear in Texas.
Tagged as / Sounds like:
Dance, rockabilly, blues, folk, punkish


Pit Brett
this is great GemmyF! :)+1
Some really good ideas on this track... well done !!+1
All those cool sounds fit so well together! Some nice transitions 00:50 :)+0
June 10 2016 02:07:51
GemmyF Thanks Tof. Pretty much what I do when I start from scratch. Really like combining different styles to make something unique. In that transition I can hear "Timothy Leary is dead" by the MoodyBlues--made me chuckle when I heard that. The first Track was just one guitar. It's super spacious. Kind of emulates my live sound. I play through about 5 amps(all cheap) and not powerfull but they all are driven by various degrees of reverb, delay, drive ect. plus my Godin has a Piezo that gives a really good acoustic to hold everything from wobbling out of control. +1
June 10 2016 02:14:20
Tofzegrit I also like a lot playing many tones to give more expression in the final mix. But I only use Vst effects... I'm lazy and no more space for amps in our bedroom :) +1
June 10 2016 02:22:14
GemmyF Yeah--this was all virtual too. I was just saying when I do play through my amps--which are in a room that my wife complains about everythime she goes in it--I like to use lots of stereo sounds live--When I was in a band I would have to be super hyper to get all that setup in a "reasonable" time. Combine that with nervous jitters my peeps tried to stay away from me, I wasn't this easygoing guy on Gig night. +1

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