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C'mon loopers lets funk :D (No Bass Girard!)
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Funk, James Brown, Prince, Soul,


Get up, Get on up - very cool vibes here Stella!! :)+2
June 12 2016 14:17:25
Anon518 I was thinking more on the lines of: "In France a skinny man died of a big disease with a little name" Sign of the times Prince. But it turned out like this! :) +1
nice n' groovy+1
hey Stella:) cool track+1
Sweet funky track Stella! you put a big smile to my morning with this track+1
I can here James Brown! good gawd this is good! hehe great track+1
Totally radical !!+1
Sweet sweet groove ! :)+1
cool!!! :)+1
Great funky track that's left heaps of room or others.+1
Great job Stella:)+1

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