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a drum loop, bass and piezo acoustic/electric hybrid track
Would be well pleased to take the drum track out if a drummer wanted to play on this
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Dance, rockabilly, blues, folk, punk, british


Ah !! Humorous AND creative !?
WTH is the world coming to ?
supercool ;o)+1
Again a very nice composition.+0
June 12 2016 02:28:21
GemmyF Thank you Evert! +0
June 14 2016 22:45:19
GemmyF Hey Evert was thinking about you and I was online a year or so looking at guitars and came across this most interesting player thought you'd like. His name is Dan Phelps. Here is a demo of a guitar he is playing on youtube
he has a bunch of demos of guitars--all by boutique builders---
and his music
June 14 2016 22:46:36
GemmyF about Dan Phelps --this is a great one too +0
June 14 2016 23:00:21
GemmyF Where Dan Phelps albums are Click on the Death Under Rainbows and listen to "Buck Nasty" I haven't thought of this guy in a year or so but He really plays. +1
June 19 2016 03:44:47
Evert Hey Gemmy. Sorry i didn't reply your post a little earlier. But sometimes i have to work and don't have time foor the loops. I have seen the video's of Dan Phelps. Never heard of him, but he plays very good. Love the way he is phrasing his chords. His alternative fingersettings (jazzy, sometimes open)are very nice. Gemmy two months i started to play guitar again after a long long time. I have to (re)learn a lot. But i experience progress. I can feel some callus(?) on my fingertips but i need some more time to join the jams. Meanwhile i will follow you because i think you are a very creative musician.
Kind regards Evert
Has a mixture of many things.... very interesting and good listen !!+0

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