Fish with plastic in the veins

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piper977 jams
step I
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frankyguitar673 jams

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Put it under Pipers template. Could not decide where.
I have used all three bass tracks, too from Girard and the one from Pitt Brett. Girard's I panned outward with a synthy effect, Pitt's bass in the middle.
Over all I put three guitar layers. Maybe to much, but I like the result :-). Enjoy

Serious topic! More and more starved fish with Plastic in full stomach. Makes me angry. Why throw people all their dirt away ?? Too lazy, too ...


Lenny Cowler
June 12 2016 16:18:54
Lenny Cowler
frankyguitar Thank you my friend :) +1
June 12 2016 10:44:00
frankyguitar Thank you carlottis! :) I'm pleased you like it :) +0
Nice ambitious project :D. Sounds really cool, and you did a lot to make this a unique mix. I like it, thanks bro :D+1
June 12 2016 10:41:50
frankyguitar THANK YOU :)
All 3 basses are very cool for it. I could not one leave alone. But three adds, no way! So I downloaded all. Your both lines similar and I thought a sythy bass would be cool for this electronic sounds from Piper! Also I played the lead guitar in this direction, with a kind of synthy sound ! Thanx Mike, I'm really pleased you like it! :)
Franky this is very good!! Excellent sounds here!+1
June 12 2016 10:33:09
frankyguitar Hey Gary, thanx so much! I'm pleased you think so! :) +0
Cool Franky!I like the affect! You're right about people throwing their garbage in the water...very sad.+1
June 12 2016 02:29:04
frankyguitar Thanx Piper! I thought do it , more as garbage could not happen. But I think it came quit good out !! I'm happy you think so ! +1
June 12 2016 06:29:48
piper I love it!!!!! :D +1
June 12 2016 10:31:48
frankyguitar I'm happy :D +0
Very good job putting this together. Sounds great !!+1
June 12 2016 02:26:23
frankyguitar Thank you very much! Was really fun to see what comes out. :) +1
June 12 2016 03:59:02
Psycho You know I work in the water business and I see everyday what can happen. Many of us are fortunate, some are not. I like your cause because it will open some eyes !! +1
June 12 2016 10:30:47
frankyguitar Yes I know. Every day you see how some people throw there garbage in the water. And the most of it cames in the oceans! It's very sad!! +1
June 12 2016 14:57:32
Psycho Yes, very sad, but there is some work to resolve it in many areas. I hope the powers to be keep it up :) +0
absolut cool & spacig ;o)
Stelle mir vor wie ich mit so einem kleine Mini-U-Boot durch die Unterwasserwelt düse, vorbei an Unterwassermülldeponien auf meinem Weg zum großen Plastikmüll-Meeresdriftstrom vor Hawai wo sich Millionen Tonnen Plastikmüll unheilvoll im Kreise drehen und die Fische sich von Plastik ernähren weil es dort nichts anderes mehr zu fressen gibt und elendig verrecken mit Plastik in ihrem Blut ...
June 12 2016 00:08:38
frankyguitar Ja, einfach zum verrückt werden!!! Die Bilder dazu aus dem TV, einfach erschreckend !

Dankeschön Uli , freut mich trotz des Themas, das die Musik gefällt!
June 12 2016 00:09:38
Uloisius Irgendwie ist die ganze Welt zum verrückt werden ;o( +1
June 12 2016 00:13:21
frankyguitar Ach Mensch, ich glaube ich werde langsam zum Misanthrop.... Obwohl, eigentlich sind es nicht die Menschen an sich, eher ihr Verhalten.... +1
June 12 2016 00:27:46
Uloisius Nietzsche stellt im Zarathustra die Frage: "Alles bisher schuf etwas über sich hinaus, wollt ihr die Ebbe dieser Flut sein?"
Jetzt, über hundert Jahre später kann man die Frage wohl mit ja beantworten.
Kurzsichtig wie wir sind sägen wir an dem Ast auf dem wir alle sitzen, wir berauschen uns an Nebensächlichkeiten oder an Religion, wir amüsieren uns zu Tode, wir produzieren und werfen weg damit die verheerende Abwärtsspirale die uns droht in den Abgrund zu reißen in Bewegung bleibt, wir schaffen nichts über uns hinaus, wir sind dabei uns abzuschaffen ...
June 12 2016 00:31:50
frankyguitar Verdammt, Du hast recht! +1
Ya Franky this is awesome :) I also dislike those leave trash around :(+1
June 12 2016 00:10:33
frankyguitar Thank you very much Gary!! :)
All this garbage is landing in the oceans! :(
Pit Brett
Nice to be in the middle :)
cool result franky! :)
Agree serious topic.
June 11 2016 23:57:13
Pit Brett
frankyguitar Ha, ha, yes you in the middle, because the two lines from Girard are similar so I had an effect from a kind of delay, wich I found really nice.
Thanx a lot Pit. I'm pleased you like it ! :)

So, und jetzt muss ich Deins anhören ! :)
Major 3rd
nice guitar sound! wow....very interesting..sounds great... creative add..not too much at all.....perfect+1
June 11 2016 23:47:59
Major 3rd
frankyguitar Wow, this is a very fast and great comment !! Thank you very much Major!! :) +0

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