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A mighty fine gesture of axen to leave a few holes. I like to fill holes =) Also many thanks to the Major and Lenny for such a great track !
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rock, hard rock, heavy


Major 3rd
great guitar add psycho! love it! ;o) we have a a full song now...was a bass add and i added some more back up the sweet leads....nice work!+2
June 12 2016 14:07:20
Major 3rd
Psycho Thanks Major... I had a blast. I was just writing jae that I haven't heard the adds by you or him yet. So I can't wait to listen :) Again I must thank you for starting this whole project. It's a great one !! +0
Smart solos between the vocals and not taking the temptation to play throughout.+2
June 12 2016 14:09:52
Psycho Although axen has a strong voice, I couldn't imagine a lead all the way through this one. It simply wouldn't work. Thanks Wade for the kind words :) +1
Fantastic Bruce !!!+1
June 12 2016 03:07:05
Psycho How could I pass this one up... all the players really rocked this thing... great jam... thank you my friend !! +1
Filled the holes in an a most excellent way.+1
June 12 2016 03:53:07
Psycho Thanks Gary... can't have too many holes :) +0
Great !! :)+1
June 12 2016 03:53:38
Psycho Thanks friend :) +2
June 12 2016 14:00:16
Psycho Thanks very much PD... was a cool track to try out :) +0
Nice playing man!+1
June 12 2016 14:01:25
Psycho I see you added to this... I haven't heard it yet so I'm anticipating greatness :) Thanks jae !! +1
Lenny Cowler
great play my friend:)+1
June 12 2016 14:03:59
Lenny Cowler
Psycho I seem to gravitate to your rhythms :) It seems to always work well. You all made a good one here. Thanks goes out in all directions !! +1
totally agree with Wade on this. very nice add.+1
June 12 2016 14:11:30
Psycho Yes, it's smart to agree with Wade :) Thanks very much Padria... it was a hoot to try this out :) +0
Yeah, very cool solos Bruce! Most excellent playing and with the wah wah Sounds really great!! :)+1
June 12 2016 14:14:43
Psycho As I mentioned on your track (which I really think is great) we both had the same track in mind at the same time. I hate that, but it happens. I thank you for the inspiration you give me here too my friend :) +1
June 12 2016 16:46:38
frankyguitar Really? Why? For me it is a sign it shows we both love music and we have some similarities in some kind of music! I Love that!! We work on the same song with a different result! But it is obviously we have similar feeling for something!! I never thougt I could give inspiration!! This thinking of you is quit the nicest what I have heard ! Thank you very much Bruce for this words!! In the last year I had learned so much about music and you was all the time a big friend, Thank you:) +0

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