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June 12 2016 15:06:12
PsychoPsycho You are on a tremendous roll... great track !!

June 12 2016 14:42:42
cody trippcody tripp EXCELLENT

June 12 2016 10:49:27
Pit BrettPit Brett warm evening breeze:) well done piper :)

June 12 2016 09:01:47
WadeWade Another interesting and creative track. I like that it's short/concise.
+1 June 12 2016 12:25:22 WadeGirard
OH BOY LOL...Maybe I shouldn't have extended it to over 7 minutes lol
June 12 2016 13:02:21 WadeWade
If you've got that much to say that can keep listeners interested for that long, then that's great. If not, then what's it about?
June 12 2016 13:11:32 WadeGirard
My goal was to make it as long and boring as possible.
June 12 2016 13:16:49 WadeWade
IMHO the reality of this site (with so much great music on offer all the time) is that if you can get someone to listen for more than 30 seconds you're doing great.
June 12 2016 13:18:16 WadeGirard
I have 2 new goals: Listen back to my playing and be more choosy before uploading, and not caring what other people think or say.

Between the two i'll be just fine :D
June 12 2016 08:56:26
axenvocsaxenvocs Fantastic !

June 12 2016 08:41:43
GirardGirard EPIC! You are on a roll! Love it! Ethereal and awesome and the beat is great when it's underway :D

June 12 2016 07:52:53
davidaustindavidaustin magic Piper, very cool.
+1 June 12 2016 08:30:50 davidaustinpiper
Thank you Dave! Thank you dropping by! :D
June 12 2016 07:51:52
RobMRobM Very Cool :)
+1 June 12 2016 08:31:32 RobMpiper
Thank you! Love your add! :D

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