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With a great deal of respect for the wonderful piece of music of "stef", I tried to play with sax. I hope it fits.
SAX played with EWI


January 14 2017 02:43:18
I found this by accident! Man, you make the EWI preach so besutifully! Pewi, for me, you are so indpured with each note snd that is true artistry!
+1 January 14 2017 12:29:06 Itocpogo Pewi
Thanks for the great compliment! A real saxophone I can not replace with the EWI :) But the EWI is in my opinion an independent instrument. And so I try to play it too.
January 11 2017 05:00:48
so cool - your Saxophone playing :) very subtle, nimble
+1 January 13 2017 20:55:51 hartmut Pewi
Vielen Dank!B)
December 26 2016 21:57:04
Would have preferred to hear you play it on a real sax. Excellent phrasing and melodic ideas. You do play real instruments don't you?
+1 December 27 2016 00:54:22 Wade Pewi
Thank you very much for visiting. I play transverse flute.
I have played tenor, alto and soprano saxophones for nearly 20 years. Since I always had some trouble with the approach I decided mainly flute playing. Later I discovered the EWI. Recently, I played the Sopransax again(92564) ... :|.(After playing bleeding my lip. Do you know what I mean)
December 27 2016 01:10:38 Wade Wade
I've heard of Bleeding gums Murphy (Simpsons) Ha! Yea, the sop isn't something you pick up after not playing for quite a while and hope your embouchure can cope. Takes continual practice to keep the chops happening. After listening to 92564 I'm more convinced than ever that your wasting your talent playing the ewi. It's very limited compared what can be expressed by your playing a real instrument.
August 18 2016 14:05:36
Wonderfully added :)
+1 August 20 2016 11:17:42 PJE Pewi
Thanks a lot!😎
June 14 2016 09:01:04
Great, Peter!
+1 June 14 2016 18:20:01 jjdf Pewi
Thanks a lot.
June 12 2016 23:52:56
Sehr schönes Solo!
+1 June 13 2016 18:29:44 bleymehl Pewi
Hi Jörg, vielen dank, auch für`s reinhören!
June 12 2016 22:17:51
Pit BrettPit Brett
fits perfect Pewi! :)
+1 June 13 2016 18:28:38 Pit Brett Pewi
Thanks a lot!
June 12 2016 19:07:31
Sensible and talented men...;)
+1 June 13 2016 18:28:19 titi Pewi
merci beaucoup et par la suite:)
June 12 2016 18:13:09
WoW Pewi! You really enrich of great feeling this track! Wonderful sound and so full of nuances! Thank you so much for this super add! :)
+1 June 12 2016 18:32:46 Stef Pewi
I am very pleased that you like my post !your music is really motivating.
June 12 2016 17:33:35
cody trippcody tripp
+1 June 12 2016 18:30:59 cody tripp Pewi
Thank you so much!

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