Dancing With The Flames

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Have some great time to do this wonderful track, and recorded my live recording for it (i tried to post it in youtube first but it failed, so I posted in vimeo, but then I succeed t post it in youtube, so i added both of the link.



Thank you Klaus & Marc for this groovy ride, really enjoy playing with you guys, and hope you don't mind if I attached your avatar to the video.

I wish i have more time to jammmmm arrghhhh!


September 18 2016 23:49:21
NRythmeNRythme The idea of a live recording is great ^^ I'm coming on this amazing track, I'm so excited to play bass on it :D

September 06 2016 17:16:50
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fantastic vocals!

September 05 2016 07:23:36
+2 September 05 2016 21:02:01 FIGLIUOLOaleonz
Thank you Fig!
June 20 2016 11:17:14
Russ BurkeRuss Burke Alice, you astound me with your never ending lyrical and musical creativity. I have joined the ranks of your fans.
+1 June 22 2016 09:56:37 Russ Burkealeonz
Thank you very much for your kind words Russ!
June 16 2016 04:47:40
PeixePeixe This is so wonderful Al.
Loved to se you on video!
You are a great performer in every way.
Cool idea of jamming live on this.
You are amazing.
I am your fan!!!!!

+2 June 16 2016 05:20:52 Peixealeonz
Thank you so much Marcelo, since i am already tour fan..so this mean a lot coming from you. Yeah its fun to do this video once in a while..i havent do it for quite awhile..thank you
June 15 2016 14:58:09
jimkaroljimkarol I like this more every time I listen to it! So catchy :)
+1 June 15 2016 21:49:32 jimkarolaleonz
Jim! thank you so much!
June 14 2016 22:57:17
DafunkydrummerDafunkydrummer perfect and wonderful! love it!
+1 June 15 2016 21:49:20 Dafunkydrummeraleonz
Hi Klaus! thank you very much, always a pleasure to play with you in a track :)
June 14 2016 21:15:54
javisaxjavisax aleonz, congratulations for such lovely voice, and voices, full of nice melodies and harmony, filling the song made by Marceys and Dafunkydrummer. Thumbs up!
+1 June 15 2016 21:48:48 javisaxaleonz
I'm a bit left behind for things in loops lately, so glad to find some wonderful remix like yours and also a very kind comment on my works, thank you so much Javi, so glad to see you!
June 14 2016 19:40:02
scrawfrd02scrawfrd02 great by all, pretty
+1 June 14 2016 20:58:41 scrawfrd02aleonz
Thank you so much scrawfrd
June 14 2016 18:23:34
PewiPewi sounds perfect , wonderful work !
+1 June 14 2016 20:58:05 Pewialeonz
thank you so much Peter!
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