Sea Shanty (vocals)

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PeterVeillon960 jams
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United States
PeterVeillon960 jams

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This one is so cool! Awesome lyrics. LOVED the guitar work. You shouldn't hide behind the music so much, step out front and let that voice be heard! It's Awesome Peter! For real!+2
August 23 2015 07:01:55
PeterVeillon Really? I think you gave me confidence boost to work on that. I just assume because I can't sound like my favorite singers that it isn't strong enough but I have ideas lurking. Ok you convinced me. Time to get my lyric journal out tomorrow +1
August 23 2015 07:14:48
KellsBells DO IT! ;) and yes, really. :) I felt/still feel the same way here sometimes. As a matter of fact your song 3253 was the second song I EVER sang to. (And let anyone hear) I still doubt every upload just a little bit. We are our own harshest critics. We will always think something sounds a bit off that someone else thinks sounds amazing! You got it man, you can do it! I can promise you you will get at least one thumb! ;) Anyways, who do we really do this for ourselves and the music or everyone else?? If you have wanted to sing give it a full go, you got it! :) :D +1
August 23 2015 07:16:31
This is really cool all around. :D+1
Mr V this is pretty dang cool !+0
Amazing Peter!!!+0
yo yo ho this is cool. really+0
This is badass.+0
Yeah! Oh Yeah!+0
This is a shanty bout life at sea
The wind in my sails make me feel free
Nothin as far as the eye can see
Cept fer the stars that shines above me
Port to port that's the way it should be
Sailing the globe fer eternity

Yo yo ho I can hear it call my name
Yo yo ho The waves move like a flame
Yo yo ho Like the flame that's in my soul
Yo yo ho The fire that makes me whole

Repeat 2x
I'm in Drop D. I believe it's E G, E C Am D for the first two parts and E A for the chorus.+0

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