Orbital Trip Jam

Remix step #3 (playing)
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King197118 jams
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One take no rehearse jam with f*ck ups and all. I wanted to stay true to the original sense of "free form".


July 13 2016 00:39:29
francisco alfrancisco al
muito legal execução. bom trabalho

July 12 2016 22:12:58
Pit BrettPit Brett
cool space sound :)

June 15 2016 19:09:32
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 June 15 2016 23:13:55 Lenny Cowler King1971
Thanks always for the kind words.
June 15 2016 18:32:20
Wow great playing, really cool!! What guitar/equipment are you using??
+1 June 15 2016 23:21:32 TeeGee King1971
I play Jackson guitars, I have 3 of them. I play through a Crate amp, supplimented with BIAS FX by Positive Grid. I interface with iRig HD into an IPad. Im glad you like it man.
June 15 2016 13:30:17
Well Hello King1971, Very Righteous Jam!!
I love this “Free Form” style of playing.
It is real..and this sounds like a live jam to me:D
Love the tone and awesome shredding.:)

+1 June 15 2016 23:22:54 mortheol King1971
Thanks for your compliment. I hope my addition enhances the track.
June 15 2016 13:04:14
Like your adventurous spirit ! The guitar has a unique ambience - kind of like a halo ! :)
+1 June 15 2016 23:24:19 LoBias King1971
Thanks LoBias! Thanks for the positive words from a fellow fusion guy.
June 15 2016 12:52:10
Love it! Free form acid jazz, haha. :)Really like the way your guitar compliments the bass and drums, it's really cool, great wicked play and sound man. Really like the tone and effect you used here. I'm diggin' it! You have a unique style. Thanks for joining, really appreciate it! Oh yeah, cool title too. ;)
+1 June 15 2016 23:29:28 Ernie440 King1971
Im glad you dig my add Pudsy. There was a certain vibe, that I didnt want to diminish, by overthinking in terms of structure. Finally, I just let it flow with an almost reckless abandon, which got away from the tonal center, although only in touches here and there. I just named it what I was sort of visualizing while playing along.
June 16 2016 00:46:52 Ernie440 Ernie440
Way to do it my friend, very nice! :) :)
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