Mahout of Gilgamesh

United States
Drums & Keys:
Zamzam297 jams
step I
New Zealand
Wade606 jams

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+ 26
Wonderful exotic track from Zamzam. Sopranino added.


this one just weaves a little magic and draws you in spellbound ! Fab sopranino addition there Wade, adds just the right touch to the mystery of Zamzam's cool track :)+2
June 19 2016 01:06:37
Wade Thanks Shi. So good to hear from you and that you gave this a listen. Much appreciated. +1
If I had a belly I would dance to it, suberb! you know them exotic scales! great!+1
June 16 2016 00:59:33
Wade Cheers Johnv. Yea, I know lots of (mostly) useless scales and modes. Nice to find a fit for one. +0
Super cool Wade... I love that ambiance you've brought in that cool track... Thanks ^^+1
June 16 2016 01:03:07
Wade Thanks funkystan. Such a strong mode/mood from Zamzam you can only follow and if lucky find a way to add to it. +1
June 16 2016 10:16:19
Funkystan You've done it great ^^ +1
Refined and enveloping exotic atmosphere. Great technique and fluidity.+1
June 16 2016 01:08:49
Wade Very kind of you to refer to "technique and fluidity". I'm consciously trying to fit the playing/sounds to music that is very un-sax-like. Good ears! +1
wonderful mood in this track!+1
June 16 2016 01:10:21
Wade All credit to Zamzam for the mood. Just trying to run lines that fit. Thanks Will. +1
Pit Brett
excellent playing wade!
you weave beautiful melodies in the rhythmic braid.
Sounds a bit too far for my ears, but I think its hard to get in front, or the middle of zamzams brilliant sound.
Amazing track, my friend :)
June 16 2016 01:11:47
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. Just trying to hang in there and keep the feel while running lines. +0
I will take a ticket, I want to go there!
This sopranino smells oriental/asian spices.
June 16 2016 01:12:48
Wade Definitely Oriental/exotic with a touch of mystery. Cheers Tof. +0
Brilliant !! Playlisted+1
June 16 2016 01:14:16
Wade Thanks Cody. Glad you gave it a listen and liked. Much appreciated. +1
wonderful exotic answere from your sax :)+1
June 16 2016 01:15:32
Wade Ah dear AKchen. You got it in exactly right and in so few words. Glad you like. +0
lovely lines ! your sopranino still has that kind of huge effect on me :) your track could come up front a touch more ;)+1
June 16 2016 01:44:37
Wade Thanks OliVBee. You are of course right about being a little low in the mix. The recent stuff I've done where I'm "weaving" have within them an experiment. I'm occasionally leaving out notes or small phrases which fade behind the rest of the track which (I think) engages the listener to hear a continuing line that's not actually there. It only works when the level is low. There are upcoming tracks have better examples. Similar to using silence which either separates, or begs the listener to hear something that's not really there. In the same vein I love playing with just one other instrument, preferably bass. The gulf between these "one-note-at-a-time" instruments can engage a listener to hear chords and lines that aren't actually there. +2

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