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Wade324 jams Supporter
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Wonderful exotic track from Zamzam. Sopranino added.


June 21 2016 09:27:47
ZamzamZamzam Perfecto!
+1 June 21 2016 12:37:08 ZamzamWade
Had hoped that you would approve. Cheers Zamzam.
June 21 2016 04:33:59
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho
+1 June 21 2016 06:00:57 francisco alWade
Muito obrigado Francisco.
June 20 2016 19:04:17
GemmyFGemmyF Sopranino!!! Wade!
+1 June 22 2016 07:24:05 GemmyFGemmyF
The record version is a perfect song, but I wanted you to see them do it live
June 21 2016 01:20:05 GemmyFGemmyF
it kind of sounds like it is played in Klesmer(bad spelling I'm sure) Music. Is it?
June 21 2016 01:00:27 GemmyFWade
Hey GemmyF, thanks for the listen. Sopranino is a specialty of mine. A much maligned little beastie.
June 21 2016 01:13:05 GemmyFGemmyF
I don't know why-it is so cool--Do you know those guys--The Decemberists--I could hear that instrument with their music.
June 21 2016 05:47:30 GemmyFWade
I've used the sopranino for Klezmer, but the traditional instrument is clarinet. The (natural) range of a clarinet is more extensive than the sax. The sopranino can reach all of the top notes of a clarinet, and that's where the clarinet usually plays in Klezmer. Thus the similarity (and I obviously don't play sax in very traditional way).

Don't know the Decemberists...will check out. Thanks.
June 21 2016 07:02:27 GemmyFGemmyF
A live recording AWESOME
June 22 2016 00:41:34 GemmyFWade
Checked them out. Not exactly what I expected. Folk with a strong Irish influence. Good musicians and tunes. Yea, I could hear sopranino parts that would work in there. Penny whistle or flute would work equally well.
June 20 2016 08:15:41
KellsBellsKellsBells spellbound... :)
+1 June 21 2016 00:58:56 KellsBellsWade
So good of you to stop by and give a listen. Thanks.
June 18 2016 11:30:55
ShiShi this one just weaves a little magic and draws you in spellbound ! Fab sopranino addition there Wade, adds just the right touch to the mystery of Zamzam's cool track :)
+2 June 19 2016 01:06:37 ShiWade
Thanks Shi. So good to hear from you and that you gave this a listen. Much appreciated.
June 16 2016 19:44:27
MalCoMalCo Beautiful!
+1 June 16 2016 23:39:32 MalCoWade
Thanks Malco.
June 16 2016 01:03:05
PsychoPsycho OoooWeee... I like this one by you both. Just don't hear these fantastic grooves everyday. Well done !!
+1 June 16 2016 01:42:43 PsychoWade
Well we know Zamzam can come up with something "different" much of the time and fun grooves. I'm just tagging along for the ride. Cheers!
June 15 2016 23:16:46
ivaxivax fantastic Wade, creates a warm atmosphere, this soft and mystical sopranino :)
+1 June 16 2016 01:41:13 ivaxWade
Thanks so much Xavi. Soft and mystical is a first for me. Really appreciate the comment.
June 16 2016 18:56:06 ivaxivax
I still remember when I played on this track of ZamZam, the scale which came to my ear was a progression of A minor aeolian, B locrian and so on...even now playing on your notes, also they match these scales without alterations ... alike I get confused, but my ear that tells me :)
June 21 2016 01:11:18 ivaxWade
Got to admit that although I know theory I never do any sort of analysis of what's happening. Just use my ear to try and fit/match. Analysis or reading chord notation can box you into just running lines in that structure. It's relatively easy for me to hear a melodic line which may also run outside of the "theoretical" structure. I've learned to trust my ears more than theory even though I may wind up playing correctly (in theory). Using notation and theory can work if you can't hear those lines. For me it's a limitation, or worse, and impediment.
June 21 2016 01:35:07 ivaxivax
well, actually I play by ear, but I always like to meet on that scale I am, for the construction of the licks, another way I think that I would be a disaster, at least thus learned to make the reading of the songs :)
June 15 2016 22:17:45
aleonzaleonz you create such a beautiful atmosphere here Wade! you treat this exotic track in a very gentle and soft!
+1 June 16 2016 01:39:52 aleonzWade
Thank you Alice! Part of the softness and low volume is in the long winded answer I gave OliVBee. It's experimental. Hopefully it works on other levels as well. So good of you to listen and comment.
June 15 2016 21:50:00
javisaxjavisax This sopranino sounds lovely in this exotic atmosphere!
+1 June 16 2016 01:37:33 javisaxWade
Thanks javisax. I'm trying to overcome the "dog whistle" reputation of this much maligned instrument. For me it has a lot of melodic potential...if you can keep it in tune.
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