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Added some fretless bass to this very cool track by Tom and Ray. Has a "Floydish" feel to my mind. Thanks for the jam guys. :) I think this track could use some embellishment, vocals, keys or whatever turns yer crank! :-)
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Very cool Pudsy, like this bass a lot !! Cool tone too!! :)+1
June 16 2016 15:57:25
Ernie440 Thanks very much Franky!! :) :D +1
very nice sneaky little slides on that bass line!+1
June 16 2016 16:08:46
Ernie440 Devilish of me eh Gemmy .. ;) Thanks. :) +0
Great work mate:)+1
June 16 2016 17:29:58
Ernie440 Hey Jeebs, thanks so much! :) +1
Nice :)+1
June 16 2016 17:29:36
Ernie440 Muchas Gracias Misteria :) +0
Great bass lines taking this track to the next level!+1
June 16 2016 17:54:51
Ernie440 Thanks kindly Dan, appreciate you droppin' in for a listen. :) +0
Cool Pudsy ... could have been a track off Dark Side of the Moon the fretless gives it a really smooth feel with great bass lines+1
June 16 2016 21:04:50
Ernie440 Thanks very much boss! :) Yeah, those flatwounds on the fretless have a deep smooth tone. +1
June 16 2016 22:30:01
Ernie440 That's a fantastic album!! Lots of nights in my youth spent listening to that... +1
June 18 2016 08:29:57
BossHen i lost my copy in one of our moves :( +1
June 18 2016 09:50:49
Ernie440 That really bites man :( +0
The fretless sounds really good on this. One day I may invest :)+1
June 17 2016 01:21:36
Ernie440 danke .. you should, don't need to spend a lot to play around with it. You already know how to play .. so it's a done deal. +1
July 24 2016 17:02:00
Ernie440 You seem to be a fender man ... this is what you need, I know I want one!! http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PBassTFflBlk +1
July 24 2016 22:12:08
jaeusm Looks nice, but if I ever get a fretless, it'll be a cheap model. I'm not sure how much I'd actually use it. I've got a couple basses I could sell, since I never play them. What I'd really like is a Fender American Standard p bass with a jazz neck. +1
July 24 2016 22:20:25
Ernie440 Ahh, the P bass tone with the ease of play of a jazz neck. That Japanese fretless Fender in my profile has like a precision body and a jazz neck, has both pick up types though .. p's on the neck and jazz on the bridge. +1
Great bass line Ernie. Perfect fit, so smooth with the fretless. And what this has turned into is amazing.. with the whole "Mars is Far" thing :)+1
June 17 2016 12:35:11
Ernie440 Thanks Ray :) +0
Excellent play !!+1
June 17 2016 20:06:19
Ernie440 Thankee Psy! :D ;) +1
yes, reminds me to pinkfloyd.. great track :)+1
June 18 2016 02:56:32
Pit Brett
Ernie440 yeah man thanks ... it's like "dark side of the meemaw" .. :D ;) +0

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