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A great template from Frnkiejazz with a magic add from GlezBass. With apologies, this fine track has been used for an experiment. I'm trying to weave lines that are between melodies and backing at a moderate to low level. The lines stop and start with the intention of trying to stimulate the listener to continue to hear lines that aren't there. Does it work for you or is it just me imagining this?


June 21 2016 04:34:58
francisco alfrancisco al bem legal bom trabalho
+1 June 21 2016 05:59:49 francisco alWade
Muito gentil de sua Francisco. Obrigado
June 18 2016 14:34:10
frankiejazzfrankiejazz Bella atmosfera!
+1 June 19 2016 03:35:59 frankiejazzWade
Grazie Frankie. La musica è tutto grazie al vostro meraviglioso modello.
June 18 2016 10:01:41
GlezBassGlezBass Hey Wade a great job on the line sax, you experiment went perfectly, the appeal of the note ghost has worked with the bass can do something similar according to the master Victor Wooten ...
+1 June 19 2016 03:33:54 GlezBassWade
At my age I can be either a note ghost or become a real one at any time. Ha!
June 19 2016 10:23:31 GlezBassGlezBass
Ha ha ha
June 18 2016 00:14:58
FishinmissioFishinmissio This works. Nice job on the bigger horn :) Sounding fine
+1 June 18 2016 00:21:33 FishinmissioWade
Thanks Mark. Yea, hanging around at the bottom (bottom feeder?) and trying to encourage someone else to take the line on top (nice fat Coho?)
June 17 2016 23:56:13
StefStef Wonderful soft sound so rich of nuances. Proving that you do not need to shout to make themselves heard. Excellent Wade! :)
+1 June 18 2016 00:19:01 StefWade
Thanks Stef. A good observation. One of my favorite sax players is Charles Lloyd. When he becomes "intense" he goes softer and makes his audience listen harder.

I'm sort of trying to hint at melodies but playing backing. Hopefully someone will pick up on that and finish this off with a higher line (guitar...or keys?)
June 17 2016 23:40:09
Pit BrettPit Brett this works perfect for me Wade. Nice melodies :)
+1 June 18 2016 00:14:30 Pit BrettWade
Thanks Pit. Was trying to not have it quite a complete melodic line but sort of something more like a hint at that for another instrument to follow.

I've been told you may come to the big jam. Would be good to play some music together in a live setting. Have always appreciated your musical sense.
June 18 2016 00:21:27 Pit BrettPit Brett
I havent signed in, but I will come :) 1 hour I said 80%, now I say 90% :)
June 17 2016 23:34:35
javisaxjavisax nice idea, just teasing with small phrases and so good soft sound!
+2 June 18 2016 00:12:10 javisaxWade
Thanks javisax. It's an interesting experiment. Not sure how useful it is, but wanted to also have lines that aren't quite a melody but prepare for another instrument (or vocalist). Could be another sax (hint).
June 17 2016 21:31:34
PhénolPhénol So romantic ! Bravo Wade !
it's much more easy to seduce girls with a sax instead a harp... So lucky you are :) That's not fair :(

+2 June 18 2016 00:09:38 PhénolWade
It's much easier to seduce girls if you are young and attractive. I think I'd rather be you.
June 17 2016 13:35:01
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent Wade! High enjoyable :)
+1 June 18 2016 00:08:32 frankyguitarWade
Glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks.
June 17 2016 09:31:36
AKchenAKchen suberb
+1 June 18 2016 00:07:38 AKchenWade
Thanks AKchen...could use a vocal treatment don't you think?
June 18 2016 01:27:49 AKchenAKchen
fab idea :)

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