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A great template from Frnkiejazz with a magic add from GlezBass. With apologies, this fine track has been used for an experiment. I'm trying to weave lines that are between melodies and backing at a moderate to low level. The lines stop and start with the intention of trying to stimulate the listener to continue to hear lines that aren't there. Does it work for you or is it just me imagining this?


So romantic ! Bravo Wade !
it's much more easy to seduce girls with a sax instead a harp... So lucky you are :) That's not fair :(
June 18 2016 00:09:38
Wade It's much easier to seduce girls if you are young and attractive. I think I'd rather be you. +1
nice idea, just teasing with small phrases and so good soft sound!+2
June 18 2016 00:12:10
Wade Thanks javisax. It's an interesting experiment. Not sure how useful it is, but wanted to also have lines that aren't quite a melody but prepare for another instrument (or vocalist). Could be another sax (hint). +2
Sounds great! though it does some times feels you've hesitated(at 32 sec-for example). I downloaded this template when it was first posted(the first one) and tried it and couldn't get where I wanted to on it. I think what Glezz and Frankie have done is worth a stellar topping off. Wished I had Bryan Ferry's email to so I could ask him to sing on this! I really love the undertone of another line and your sax is it-- I think If you get this to where it's not an experiment I'd have to have this track in my car and it'd play everytime I drove.+1
June 17 2016 23:51:28
Wade Yes great track from these two. Sorry about it being an experiment. I guess I'm not very serious...just a jammer who likes to play around with ideas of point of view and perception. +0
June 18 2016 00:22:38
Leftdaloops1019 bull hunky! on that. Heard lots of your tracks! You're really good! +1
June 18 2016 00:59:50
Wade Very kind of you to comment and think my playing OK. Still a fact that I'm a jammer and don't spend time with any of these tracks composing lines to play. Doesn't matter how much I like a track If I can't play it in three takes it doesn't happen. Lack of discipline and impatience...bad combo, but it's me. I need to play "fresh" and hear in real time the lines I want to play. Reading and using preconceived ideas makes me sound stale...and it stops being "fun". +0
June 18 2016 02:58:59
Leftdaloops1019 yeah I hear you on that! Guess I was being selfish wanting that tune for my ride. My brother(RIP) was a sax player and we jammed alot, even had a band for a time. Recently I was in a band for several years and had a sax player and a flute player that played with us. So I know good sax when I hear it. Jam on bro! +1
June 18 2016 04:39:10
Wade Thanks for your understanding. Sorry about your bro. +0
Great experiment... I think it works good. Maybe I don't have the ear Gemmy does. Well done !!+1
June 17 2016 23:53:58
Wade We've all got different perceptions. To me this still needs a top line, but nobody has downloaded. Thanks Mr B. wanna play on this? +0
Love the lines you chase Wade. The spacing, IMHO, allow it to breath , wondering if you wanted to lengthen them a little to allow another instrument to continue ??? Just a thought+1
June 17 2016 23:56:26
Wade Thanks Rob. Not sure what you mean about "lengthening" the lines. To me this begs for a lead top line (you?) as it is. +0
June 18 2016 01:40:50
RobM Sorry mate. Meant to say lengthening the spaces in between.... still may try to give this one a go ;) +0
SO freakin' good+1
June 17 2016 23:56:54
Wade Thanks Tom, glad it works for you. +1
Lenny Cowler
cool :)+1
June 17 2016 23:58:17
Wade Thanks OliVBee. Could use a guitar line on top. +1
That sounds quite wonderful ;o)+1
June 18 2016 00:06:03
Wade Thanks my friend. Needs something more...maybe a vocal? +0
wunderful breathing wade,:)+1
June 18 2016 00:06:59
Wade It comes trouble if it stops.
Cheers Earlsteven...see you soon.

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