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Nice work Gemmy! :) Sounds good to me.+0
June 18 2016 16:59:28
GemmyF I kind of, when I'm playing around unplugged, I gravitate toward this genre)slightly atonal). If i played more than 3xs I probably figured some complementing chords and fixed areas where Wade fades into a more out of the key --I would have liked to drift into that with him. Love to record though, as the memory can be hazy and prejudicial in it's memory. There was this guy when I was at UT Austin, who was an art student and Music Major. HE WAS and is a Top notch player SAX, lives in Chicago, and he would just play like this in the Art building waaaay after hours which had an area where it was 3 floors yet was very vertical and narrow as it was a hallway inside the building. He would be honk that sax. It was a thing of beauty to listen to. The tones echos and reverb. He never knew anyone was there as he was playing some where he couldn't be seen. He would loco too like "James White and the Blacks" so great music experience. +1
June 18 2016 17:21:49
Ernie440 Very cool ... I can imagine that sounded great. +1
June 18 2016 17:34:40
GemmyF yeah got to hear him on many occasions. I didn't really go to clubs when I was in Austin as they were filled with smoke. Did go see Stevie Ray Vaughn and I was about 1 of 13 people there that night. I could have sat in his lap, but I picked the sweetest spots for sound. I was blown away that all his albums weren't double tracked(even though I didn't really know what that was) My guitar playing increased about 300% just seeing him play. I saw the possibilities. Got to see the Big Boys at an outdoor venue which was good. English Beat and a few others. But that 3 am sax playing was probably my most memorable. +0
June 18 2016 18:14:24
Ernie440 Cool that you managed to see SRV back in the day - quite the phenom! :) +0
June 18 2016 18:21:55
GemmyF My neighbor was in the Navy and had a reel to reel when he was in Virginia and he heard that they were going to play Stevie Ray live from a club and he rushed home a recorded it on the reel to reel. He also had reel to reels of when he played with Paul Ray and the Cobras. That is really where I though he was able to really play. He didn't have to sing or play two guitar parts in one. He just sat over there and tore it up in super creative ways. Kind of like the Brothers album he did with Jimmie Vaughn. But talk about a bass and drums that were on the money--that was another impressive thing about SRV live.That and his right forearm muscle. He looked like POPEYE the Sailor with that forearm! +1
June 18 2016 18:37:08
Ernie440 Yeah really nice man! Very cool about the reel to reels .. I remember those. That would be something to have now, those tapes. Yes, well it's true I suppose, once you "make it" ... it's a whole different kettle of fish what with making hits and performing them live ... that's where the big $$$$ is though. Can't blame him for that. Yeah, I like the brothers album a lot and I really like Jimmie playing a lot, maybe more than SRV's in some ways, cuz it's so traditional .. it's all great though. :) haha .. his forearm .. no doubt, it must have been developed ... there's a guy who seriously played hard and worked for his money. +0
June 18 2016 18:56:56
GemmyF Right there with you on Jimmie! Really liked the Monkey Speaks his mind song from the Fab T-Birds--retro-y and punky at the same time. +1
June 18 2016 19:22:43
Ernie440 Yeah, that's a very hot tune, like it. Jimmie is the coolest cat, that's for sure. I like this one. +1
June 18 2016 20:08:50
GemmyF more like Buddy Guy styled playing. My reel to reel buddy in Austin turned me on to Roy Buchanon. Wow. +1
June 18 2016 20:09:32
Ernie440 I know - another master of the telecaster ... great tone. +1
June 18 2016 20:18:35
GemmyF that's what played in those days. the reel to reel guy had an ovation acoustic and sang almost like Willie Nelson and he heard me playing and we play together some with his Ovation and my tele. He went out a tele and a nice tube amps. He was really great with his Willie stchick so he was a really good musician but th'angs started heatin' up once he got that tele. I jammed all kinds of driving rhythms (I was kind of punky kind of blusey) One noters, two noters and he would hone his chops. I was the original looper for alot of guitar players and their leads. Great fun! +1
June 18 2016 20:22:09
Ernie440 haha .. cool .. playing is a lot of fun - or - it should be - sounds like you enjoyed yourself! :) playing crap you don't like in a band for a while can get tedious though, been there .. :) That's why wikiloops is good - you can pick and choose at your leisure. :) Like I always say, the pay is low, but the glory is great! haha +1
June 18 2016 22:00:07
GemmyF Hey have you heard JD McPherson. Talk about cool cat! here is a link to a full album--so retro and here is a live recording +0
A difficult piece to run lines with as it goes all over the place. There are some magical spots where you compliment this so well and have a running dialogue.
Thanks for jumping in there (unafraid!)
really great dialogue between guitar and Saxophone, love it ;o)+0
This was really cool saxing Wade. ran through about 3 times - it really made sense in my mind. found a few things to play (there a few Xs wished I had hit it better at, more beat based)+0

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