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First time at the drums for about a month now :| Shoulder/arm thing not improving at the moment but I have some gigs coming up which I can't get out of so I want to test the state of play now I have some pre-playing exercises to try. Don't know which is worse: the awful shoulders or the tendonitis it's caused in my arms!

Like Woxey's upload, this is a jam through too! Decided to match the dark foreboding riff with some dark foreboding drums. i.e. hit the toms a lot and feed them to the reverb. Quite difficult to keep the same pattern going!

Using Spaun kit and Ludwig snare.


No reverb on the HD mix.


June 22 2016 20:58:43
Sounds Great Martin!!
I hope you want lost the hurts soon, or maybe it will improving :)

June 21 2016 05:45:25
Cool Martin. Hope you feel better soon!
+1 June 21 2016 16:14:18 rp3drums mpointon
Thanks, RP3 :) Just on a waiting game now :(
June 22 2016 11:21:30 rp3drums rp3drums
funny thing, I got a bad neck crank recently, just going away now after a few days...realized it was caused from turning my head to look at my computer while playing the drums! Well I moved it in front of me....
June 22 2016 11:24:08 rp3drums mpointon
Funny you should say that, I do exactly the same except I don't know where I can put the computer in front of me. So I'm still stuck with it off to my left.
June 22 2016 11:27:25 rp3drums rp3drums
yes, left side neck crank! My set is small (electronic) so I just jammed the stand in the front...
June 21 2016 04:18:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

June 20 2016 15:34:38
Good job and snare sounds great and full!

June 19 2016 20:30:32
so good to hear you again martin, and playin the drums again after 1 month, this work so well to my ears, hope there is away to improve your shoulder/arm, be well please !

June 19 2016 09:38:50
The mood is spot on and as always your drumming is A1. Get well .....

June 19 2016 07:38:13
Never give up.

June 19 2016 04:58:35
I so love the sound of your drums man. So tight and clean. Great style here as well. Very cool :)

June 19 2016 03:48:16
So good to hear you yet hope that this and your gigs don't set you back.
+1 June 19 2016 12:48:10 Wade mpointon
Thanks, Wade. The specialist can't help me until I get an MRI so I'm at the mercy of when I can get that appointment at the moment. So I'm at the mercy of the NHS at the moment :(

But I have some exercises to alleviate the tendinitis as well as help my shoulders, the former I have to do before playing.
June 20 2016 00:09:24 Wade Wade
Steroids in the meanwhile? (I won't tell the Olympic committee if you won't)
June 21 2016 12:33:53 Wade mpointon
Don't tempt me!! Either that or bionic implants!
June 19 2016 02:07:14
can't tell you haven't played for a month sounds great spot on mpointon


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