Serenade for Bohemia

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Im in this kinda mood today...


Have a nice day my wikifriends!!!!!! :D:D

Lets jam shall we...?!?!

Morning Sofa sessions.... ;)


June 29 2016 05:47:30
josepssvjosepssv Super Lovely serenata Woxey!!
No me da tiempo a revisar todo lo que se publica, pero como los cantantes son los que tiran del carro, ellos me guían, en este caso Andrea

June 29 2016 01:33:15
StefStef Beautiful harmonic structure!

June 26 2016 19:13:35
bleymehlbleymehl Very nice!

June 26 2016 09:29:12
AKchenAKchen superb my friend :)

June 21 2016 04:50:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

June 20 2016 06:15:51
KellsBellsKellsBells You are always creative and melodic and it's always a surprise as to what style it will be. One thing is for sure,it will always be awesome! :)
+1 June 20 2016 10:54:05 KellsBellswoXey
Wow!! Such a wonderfull comment dear Kelly!! im so happy that u like my music..its such an honour to read that.. Big Hug 2 U.. :)
June 20 2016 10:57:16 KellsBellsKellsBells
hugs back for your fantastic music! I am so far behind on my listening, miss a weeks worth of loops and there is NO catching up! But I am trying and I have never heard a bad track from you WoX! You are always top notch! :) I'm going to play catch up on your stuff soon. 4 in the morning here and I need to sleep. ;) :)
June 20 2016 11:02:54 KellsBellswoXey
...:) Good Night then, dear Bells..
June 20 2016 00:11:25
WadeWade Good to hear your ideas coming through just the guitar. So creative.
+1 June 20 2016 10:53:09 WadewoXey
Hola Wade!! u know im a sucker for melodics... lol.. im getting the hang of this 6 strings.. lol...
June 21 2016 01:19:12 WadeWade
I'm amazed at how far you've come along in your playing...but maybe I shouldn't be. You've got so much musical talent...just a matter of applying it.
June 19 2016 20:54:56
bhunt1bhunt1 lovely tone and nice playing
+1 June 19 2016 23:13:19 bhunt1woXey
im happy u like it amigo!
June 19 2016 19:39:40
Major 3rdMajor 3rd excellent
+1 June 19 2016 23:13:02 Major 3rdwoXey
thank u so very much;)
June 19 2016 19:03:52
UloisiusUloisius very nice ;o)
+1 June 19 2016 23:12:44 UloisiuswoXey
thank amigo Ulo!! im happy to read that

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