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just messin around. sorry for the poor quality


Nice chords - it's just a shame about the quality - how did you record this ?+0
June 20 2016 12:51:55
toastybear all i have currently is a laptop and its built in mic. my taskam dp004 was the victim of a basement flood. +1
June 20 2016 12:58:04
toastybear i dont have a clue about recording +0
June 20 2016 13:53:44
LoBias Maybe have a look at something like the Zoom H1. It can record in high quality with it's built in stereo mics. You can use it as a portable recorder or connect a USB cable and it becomes a USB mic. +0
June 20 2016 15:33:47
toastybear that's basically what the dp004 was, for a similar price and with the ability to do multiple tracks. i'm still grieving its loss and lack the funds to get anything new at the moment. +0
June 20 2016 15:52:51
LoBias Sorry to hear that toastybear. From this upload it sounds like the sample rate is set very low - try Googling your laptop model and add 'sound recorder'. There might be some tips on how to adjust the sample rate. Hope you can get something sorted out. +1

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