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Adding some low end to Decohy's very cool retro tune (welcome to the loops) and thanks to Ray, once again for setting it up and making it a pleasure with his great drums. :)


All that I am I leave
And so and so letting go
Till we're all in dream
That silent priest will let you know
There's another way
Tune in the mind to embrace
That pervasive call
That's ringing out for you all

All that I am I leave
And so we're out here alone
In every ancient site
Relieves you from the walls your trapped inside
Then you're pouring in
Into ounce of everything
A joyous night
As you're heading for real life

Those sweet days
Recall that phrase
Channelling into
The edge of the space
And to be that sound
Till it go knock them down
These air breathing walls
Will help you recall


June 21 2016 05:21:43
Great Pudsy! I do not know the Small Faces :( but the comparison to the Kinks makes sense... we could use a crunchy guitar to appear here and there, Dave Davies style!
+1 June 21 2016 17:11:14 rp3drums Ernie440
thanks Ray, yeah some cool adds would be groovin! :)
June 20 2016 20:05:33
Great one! Great Bass on this cool tune!
+1 June 20 2016 20:09:56 GemmyF Ernie440
Thanks G it's an interesting tune I though, very retro! Or something ... n :)
June 20 2016 20:17:26 GemmyF GemmyF
It kind of sounds like a Small Faces tune sung and wriiten by Ronnie Laine. He later did an album with Pete Townsend--Vocals also sound like Elliot Smith
June 20 2016 20:19:45 GemmyF GemmyF
Your bassline gives it that Ronnie Laine feel. Perfect for this song. Especially for a Small Faces fan!
June 20 2016 20:20:15 GemmyF Ernie440
Wow, you know your music history ... yeah it certainly doesn't sound like Steve Marriott haha
June 20 2016 20:25:27 GemmyF GemmyF
Tin Solider is one of my favs then straight on to "30 days in the hole". Laine had an traditional (Kinks-ish)British -life feel.
June 20 2016 20:27:19 GemmyF Ernie440
June 20 2016 20:29:16 GemmyF GemmyF
What a grinder!
June 20 2016 20:31:35 GemmyF Ernie440
Definitely groovy lyrics reminiscent of happier times induced by popular chemicals of yesteryear .. hehehe (this song here)
June 20 2016 20:35:12 GemmyF GemmyF
yeah it is really cool--do know Elloit Smith? just hearing this from my headphones on the desk, sounds like him. He was a emo guy from Seattle or Portland--won an Oscar for best song --had an untimely death not sure how, but my kids had an album of his--I think I took it over. Loved his songs.
June 20 2016 20:38:31 GemmyF Ernie440
not familiar, but I'll check him out to see the similarity ... got to get off this cursed keyboard right now .. haha talk to you in a bit :)
June 20 2016 20:51:47 GemmyF GemmyF
June 20 2016 18:17:01
Cheers Pudsy. Nice work!
+1 June 20 2016 19:58:47 decohy Ernie440
Glad you like it, it's a different and interesting song you did, very cool.
June 20 2016 18:11:09
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 June 20 2016 19:59:14 Lenny Cowler Ernie440
Hey Len, thanks buddy! :)
June 20 2016 18:10:26
Cool track! Nice playing too :)
+1 June 20 2016 19:59:36 jaeusm Ernie440
Thanks very much Jason :)

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