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This is another track by our Wiki band Trip Grove and Hop, with bhunt1 (Brian) on bass, rp3drums (Raymond) on drums and me on Guitar.

I chatted to Brian and we wanted to do something trippy trancy, and so I recorded the wahwah first, added some Tabla sounds to it. I wanted to add some deep synth sounds but in the end I decided to use the guitar for it, so these are the "fake bass" sounds.

The drum track is coming up soon, and then the bass and lead guitars.
We try to upload the tracks roughly in the same order as they were recorded.

Thanks for listening, and check out our other songs in our band section here

I have no clue under what music style this is supposed to go by the way.


January 18 2017 16:17:08
+1 January 18 2017 16:56:28 jamlady TeeGee
Danke :) Falls du Zeit und Lust hast hör das fertige Lied an ;)
June 22 2016 09:36:43
Very cool! Sweet wah
+1 June 22 2016 19:35:22 jmrukkers TeeGee
thanks Joe :)
June 22 2016 07:59:05
hört sich großartig an ;o)
+1 June 22 2016 19:35:41 Uloisius TeeGee
Danke Ulo ;)
June 22 2016 05:17:17
here we go, sounds so good!

June 22 2016 03:28:16
Cool track TG
+1 June 22 2016 19:36:16 FrankieJ TeeGee
Thanks! Checkout the finished song
June 22 2016 00:26:35
You guys must be a tight knit group... you've all got it together and some good stuff rolling out the gate... totally enjoyed this :)
+1 June 22 2016 19:37:39 Psycho TeeGee
Thanks P! It's about the 5th or 6th song we did together, so it must have a positive effect :)
June 23 2016 00:16:05 Psycho Psycho
Indeed... you guys have something good going !!
June 21 2016 23:26:23
Cool! I like the out of the box creative stuff, sounds great so far
+0 June 22 2016 19:38:46 KMstar TeeGee
Thanks KM, yes we try to do things that are a bit unusual at times. And anyway I suck at standards :D
June 21 2016 23:22:29
Fantastic TG,great sounds,:)We will wait the rest of instruments
+1 June 22 2016 19:39:24 ivax TeeGee
Thanks Ivax :). It is finished, check it out .
June 21 2016 23:06:07
lotsa cool sounds on this - great!
+1 June 21 2016 23:10:38 bhunt1 TeeGee
Lol you must be sick by now hearing this one :)
June 21 2016 23:03:59
Oh TG, I like that start! The Wah ist very cool. Upps, what that nice break here 2:10 ! It's crazy and innovative and cool ! I like this , upps the next break... wow, this is awesome ! Genial !! and back to the wah.... Bin sehr gespannt was das wird... Lasst mich nicht hängen.... :D
+1 June 22 2016 19:40:14 frankyguitar TeeGee
Well I guess you were the first one to hear the finished song ;)

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