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So had to blurt this out--will refine(re-sing and repost)Just super fresh rough idea--i have to live with singing for awhile
It be really Nice if a drummer would take this a start from scratch
and do some drums that go with this--I'll redo the guitar to match up with the drums and hopefully pounder on bass might jump in.


June 27 2016 12:30:36
petebasspetebass Cool track bro:)

June 22 2016 14:43:24
TG_StratTG_Strat very cool man :D

June 22 2016 10:39:18
aleonzaleonz very cool song, and great to hear you sing Gemmy!

June 22 2016 07:55:07
UloisiusUloisius very nice Gemmy ;o)

June 22 2016 06:56:22
GirardGirard Lol love the singing style, makes me laugh in a good way
+1 June 22 2016 07:10:14 GirardGemmyF
Yeah I want to re-sing it. I heard something and had to get it out--just phrasing and words need more concreteness. Thanks. The bass line made me hear the the Who.
June 22 2016 15:24:58 GirardGemmyF
Girard, I love to accommodate LOLs here hear a vocal by me you might have missed #74215
June 22 2016 16:49:29 GirardGirard
I meant in a good way be sure to understand that!
June 22 2016 17:02:59 GirardGemmyF
I do! it's does the same thing for me--really delightful(and surprising to me) but I really am looking forward for another shot at timing, words and better singing, yet the keeping it somehow the same. Thanks, I appreciate it. The track I sent you is really kind of surprising in a different way. The players on that one are HOT! I sang it while the Thunder and GSW(RIP) were battling it out in the playoffs this year
June 22 2016 17:32:26 GirardGemmyF
USA Pro Basketball. Thunder & Golden State Warriors
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