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I found this beautiful track from Stef, when I almost went to sleep this early morning, but this track drag myself to my little corner, and sing along, really love the heartfelt a bit mellow feel on this track, hah! I keep mumbling when I'm so sleepy, so I better take some rest now hehehe... sorry if the mix a bit messy, hope you still can enjoy this slowy thingies...have a wonderful Sunday everyone... I use the HD file without drums, and ...
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Aleonz, Stef, pop, hammond, vocal


I have no words to define what I feel, this is magnificent :) Thanks Alice+2
June 26 2016 20:13:38
aleonz Thank you so much Xavi, I had a wonderful time playin with Stef beautiful track this morning :) I thank you :) +0
WoW , one of your finest works !! SUPER EXCELLENT !+2
June 26 2016 20:14:27
aleonz HiFi! thank you so much for the compliment! +0
You do your best work when it's bedtime :) Must be something to it? This is a great vocal presence... well done Big Al !!+2
June 26 2016 20:16:58
aleonz Haha! I guess that zone between reality and dreamy is one of the great moment for me to do recording hahahah when I half awake LOL, thank you so much Big Psy! +0
goose bumps all over ... ;)+2
June 26 2016 20:19:04
aleonz Andrea! thank you so much +0
This is an amazing 4 and 1/2 minutes of music. So soulful and tasteful, this track. I love it! Thanks, Alice and Stef!+2
June 28 2016 00:23:19
aleonz Hi Adam! how are you? so good to see you ...Stef made a wonderful song, and it's so good to flow through it, thank you so much +1
June 28 2016 01:13:00
AdamDownLo I'm great, Alice! Getting back to Wikiloops more regularly this week since I just finished grad school! THis song has such a beautiful flow. I have a lot to catch up on, but I'm hoping to start recording soon! <3 +1
June 28 2016 02:22:31
aleonz Waa congrats for your school grad, and I'm so happy to know that you will have some time to play around here, been missing to hear your tasty groove line around here, hope to hear from you soon Adam! +0
Fantastic girl+1
June 26 2016 20:17:49
aleonz Thank you very much Keith! +0
I'm in :) Think I'll use my alto sax on this one :) Great Alice, and thnks for leaving room :)+1
June 26 2016 20:18:30
aleonz Just listened your wonderful track, Thank you very much Mark! +0
June 26 2016 20:18:46
Lenny Cowler
aleonz Thank you very much Lenny! +1
oh que c'est beau+1
June 26 2016 20:19:20
aleonz Thank you Wikibeb! +0
Bravo !+1
June 26 2016 20:19:36
aleonz Thanks a lot Phenol! +1

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