You Are The Universe

Keys, Drums & Vocals:
aleonz477 jams
United States
DannyK221 jams
step II
United States
Danalyze451413 jams
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+ 13
This one has been on my to do list for a long time...hope these ideas add to the whole :)


another great version, very cool.+1
June 26 2016 19:02:05
Danalyze45 I tried to keep it subtle and mirror / compliment Alice's vox melodies :) Thanks! +1
June 26 2016 19:05:38
davidaustin I am pleased for Alice, a great response from many musicians, we all enjoyed this song. +1
Hiii Dan! thank you for waking up this song with your wonderful guitar, you surely gave a big smile to this song and to my face, you draw a gorgeous line through this track, and keep the song breath freely, and it's so cool how you find your way to keep flowing smoothly through the song...big WOW! thank you so much Dan, so good to be in the same track with you!+1
June 26 2016 21:20:58
Danalyze45 Feeling is mutual :) It was awesome to be able to work with you and Danny. Very talented company. I'm glad the parts fit and gave smiles :) +1
June 26 2016 21:23:49
DannyK Alice said it all! Wonderful add! +1
June 26 2016 21:26:03
Danalyze45 You two had a wonderful thing here...I just needed to stay out of the way :) Really have been toying around with the idea of this one for awhile now and the "right" lines finally seemed to come to my fingers :) +1
Another finely played add Dan+1
We had the same approach on this, keep the "exotic" side and stay behind.
Mission: OK
Another fine version of the song.+0

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