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GemmyF608 jams Supporter
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woXey had posted a couple sofa pieces where he invited us to come and sit down and play along with him. So this piece is like that. So in the thought of that kind of live playing I recorded and sang something somewhat off the cuff(on the fly)one take. I invited myself over to play a guitar part, but I'm inviting someone to bring your KEYS over, or you Bass rig, your drum set, sing along. My wife's out of town so we can get as loud as we want! come on over!


June 28 2016 04:58:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

June 28 2016 02:11:36
Ernie440Ernie440 I can't stand the click track, you got my vote! :)
+1 June 28 2016 15:21:59 Ernie440GemmyF
You are a click track in the subsonic stratosphere
June 28 2016 15:24:04 Ernie440GemmyF
In a flavor-filled explosion sort of way!
June 28 2016 15:31:16 Ernie440Ernie440
haha thanks! I've tried to play to click tracks so I could upload some bass templates and I can't do it ... I hate it, so I wasn't being facetious .. I do better with a drum track and then deleting it.
June 28 2016 15:34:13 Ernie440GemmyF
I think Click tracks are possessed. They speed up and slow down and won't really cooperate. I do the same. Except on this one and a few others.
June 28 2016 22:21:07 Ernie440Ernie440
LOL @ possessed .. make a good movie!!
June 28 2016 02:08:21
garymcmillgarymcmill Very cool!

June 28 2016 00:59:17
francisco alfrancisco al bonito bom trabalho

June 28 2016 00:58:54
EvertEvert Gemmy for president! Don't think the song needs anything more than it's now.
+1 June 28 2016 00:59:54 EvertGemmyF
HaHa Evert! Thanks !
June 28 2016 01:03:44 EvertGemmyF
My Platform is "If you vote for me, I promise to abolish the tyranny of the click track!--Unless you love them!"
June 28 2016 00:53:50
PsychoPsycho Love the sofa series... well done !!
+1 June 28 2016 00:55:52 PsychoGemmyF
Thanks! Come on over, the wife i'll be back soon!
June 28 2016 00:59:08 PsychoGemmyF
If you want I'll with the 2nd guitar and make some room on the easy chair for you!
June 28 2016 01:06:29 PsychoGemmyF
Psyco what I meant to TYPE---I'll take the 2nd guitar track out and make some room on the couch for you if you want to.

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