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I know we've posted this song a while back but i really like it and hope you enjoy it also. I think this is one of Marianne's best vocals.


June 29 2016 16:10:39
fannefanne I don’t understand every word of the lyrics…. but that doesn’t seem to matter, the feeling came clearly across.
Such sadness! even more underlined by the music in a major scale! It works like some kind of counterpoint…fascinating!
It’s revealing to me that sad words, scored with optimistic music, deepens the sadness of the lyrics even more…what a brilliant idea!

+1 July 10 2016 11:06:33 fanneMarianne
Oh my, such generous and kind compliments, John. Thank you so much! Paidra has a unique talent to mix lyrics with music in fascinating ways. So pleased you enjoyed your listen! :)
June 29 2016 10:02:19
onewholeftonewholeft Great work girls ! I would like to sing some of your lyrics one day ! If that's ok ? Of cause I would need to change a bit to suit the music and my style but think it could be fun ! Think about it 🤓🤓🤓
+1 July 10 2016 11:03:13 onewholeftMarianne
Many thanks for your generous response! I'm sure you singing some of our lyrics would be an honor, Lairdy! :)
July 10 2016 11:04:14 onewholeftonewholeft
Thank you
July 10 2016 11:07:30 onewholeftMarianne
You are most welcome!
June 29 2016 07:33:36
MishteriaMishteria Very good!:)
+1 July 10 2016 11:01:18 MishteriaMarianne
Thank you so much for your listen and compliment, Mish! :)
June 29 2016 03:36:21
PsychoPsycho This is a great track you guys made and deserves another play :)
+1 July 10 2016 11:00:20 PsychoMarianne
Many thanks for your generous response, Bruce; so glad you enjoyed the listen! :)
June 29 2016 02:49:09
aleonzaleonz great spoken words ladies, enjoyed the story on it, and you girls made a cool background music as well!
+1 July 10 2016 10:59:13 aleonzMarianne
So happy you enjoyed our song, Alice. Thank you! :)
June 29 2016 01:55:56
cody trippcody tripp Love it !!
+1 July 10 2016 10:58:27 cody trippMarianne
Thank you so much, Tom! :)
June 29 2016 00:31:45
RobMRobM Such sadness and beauty in the one piece. I dont know whether to shed a tear or smile.
Really wonderful song Ladies :)

+1 July 10 2016 10:57:57 RobMMarianne
Paidra has a unique way of inspiring emotions which contrast each other at times! Thank you so much for your solemn and sweet response, Rob! :)

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