Gave Up On Love Forever

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Major 3rd and my collaboration. He is a good vocalist and lead guitarist. Our collaboration has ended. But the song is alive now.
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Major 3rd


Major 3rd
awesome keiton! we will always collaborate my dear are such a talented musician...more to come! cheers :W:D+1
June 23 2018 02:56:22
Major 3rd
Keiton You also great musician. Kei 30 - 70 Craig always. +1
June 23 2018 02:59:08
Major 3rd
Keiton I love terminal 9 and Indeed I Said. And your Firmament is the best :D +1
June 23 2018 19:16:57
Major 3rd
Major 3rd thanks keiton! same here!!! cheers and to more!!:D +1
Lenny Cowler
fantastic bro:)+1
July 11 2016 00:50:32
Lenny Cowler
Keiton Thanks a lot Lenny:) +1
Cool Keiton 😊😊+1
July 11 2016 00:51:07
Keiton Thanks a lot Keith :) +0

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