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Thanks to Peixe for this sensitive template. Pewi made me discover a new instrument, the EWI wind controller. Peter is a master on this instrument! It's a synthesizer which reacts on the blowing like a clarinet or a trumpet. And it can be played with fingerings of clarinet, flute, saxophon or trumpet (!). So this is my first attempt with the EWI. I never will be able to play a real clarinet like this :-)


Klingt ziemlich echt! Sehr schön gespielt, lieber Jörg!+1
wonderful track ! other than the note from Oli, everything just flow so beautiful in this track !+0
sehr schön, das würde ich auch mal gerne probieren:)+0
the thing sounds really, really nice, but oli is brutally right on the volume-watch-comment (brizzle brizzle) :)+0
Salü Jörg,
Jetzt haut es mich aber vom Hocker! Dein Erstlingswerk ist überaus schön was die Melodie betrifft. Was mich noch mehr begeistert ist, wie Du den Ton modulierst! Bin hell begeistert und freue mich sehr, dass ich nicht mehr der einzige Begeisterte dieses Fantastischen Instruments bin.
Lieber Gruss, Peter
June 30 2016 13:14:08
bleymehl Danke Peter! Freut mich sehr, dass es Dir gefällt. Die Modulation ist ja letztendlich das, was den Wind Controller von anderen Synthesizer Controllern unterscheidet... Es ist dabei ähnlich wie bei den richtigen Instrumenten, ob nun Posaune, Mundharmonika oder Melodica. Allerdings habe ich so meine Probleme damit, dass nicht wirklich Luft durchgeht :)
Was mir gefällt ist der EVI(Brass)-Fingersatz. Als gelernter Tenorhorn-Spieler kommt mir das sehr entgegen :)
super :)+1
cool :) watch your input gain level ;)+1
June 30 2016 07:53:08
bleymehl Thanks Oli, also for your hint! You're right, it seems to be a little loud sometimes. Nearly as much buttons on the screen as on my bandoneon :) +1
Marcelo D
Hey Bleymehl.
This is very cool.
You know... I have an analogic keyboard that supports a EWI instrument. Since I don't play Wind I never looked much to know about it.
Anyway your experience souds great and I am glad you joined me in your first attempt with this new different instrument. You kept the feeling using something that is eletronic. As a key player this is always my chalenge since my first instrument is the piano. :)
June 30 2016 08:02:49
Marcelo D
bleymehl Thank you, Peixe. I'm glad you like it! A lot of instruments need years of practice to generate just a good sounding tone, e.g. Trombone, which I play for more than 30 years. I love those instruments, which generate easily a good sounding tone (like the bandoneon or the EWI). On the bandoneon you just have to press a button and draw or press the bellows. It sounds good with little practice. Of course finding the right buttons at the right time is the problem :)
The EWI allows me to play nice clarinet sound (and others) and to concentrate on modulating it with my breath. That's great :)
Pit Brett
wunderbar Jörg :)+1
June 30 2016 00:16:47
Pit Brett
bleymehl Danke schön! Ein faszinierendes Instrument dieses EWI. +1
June 30 2016 00:18:36
Pit Brett
Pit Brett auf jeden fall! Super Ergebnis beim ersten jam! +1

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