Pillow of jazz marshmallow dreams

Remix step #4 (playing)
New Zealand


Wade358 jams Supporter
+ 19
Cool drums from Otrebla Aniv with GB's wonderful bass line and Tof's spacey magic. Tenor adding a few accents. Lots of room left.


July 01 2016 09:42:49
Pit BrettPit Brett
Excellent wade! I like the room you left :)
+1 July 01 2016 10:07:07 Pit Brett Wade
Thanks Pit. Just a few bits of spice here and there.
July 01 2016 10:08:54 Pit Brett Pit Brett
very tasty :)
July 01 2016 05:04:32
Oooh, is this sweet or what !? Good to be back & get to hear this, what a treat Wade !!
+1 July 01 2016 10:02:57 nuno1959 Wade
Where have you been! Well, no matter now that you're back.
July 02 2016 02:33:21 nuno1959 nuno1959
LOONG story, will tell you all about it ;)
June 30 2016 21:08:08
you melt and blend in with the track and gave a sweet and tenderness taste to the track, gorgeous!
+1 July 01 2016 00:43:34 aleonz Wade
The sweetness is you my dear. So good of you to give a listen and comment. Sort of trying to be very minimal in this one and add just a bit of spice here and there.
June 30 2016 19:03:58
As usual sax lines are very good, soft, capture the atmosphere, flow through the song .... very good
+1 July 01 2016 00:46:59 GlezBass Wade
Well, you did set this up so well with the melodic line and such a compelling bass throughout. How could I resist adding a little spice? All thanks to you my friend.
June 30 2016 15:55:14
cody trippcody tripp

June 30 2016 15:30:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 July 01 2016 00:41:13 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks Lenny. So good of you to give a listen.
June 30 2016 12:21:23
fantastic Wade,:)transmitting curve so much magic in this magnificent track,
+1 July 01 2016 00:40:30 ivax Wade
Thanks Xavi. Just wanted to add a few accents to spice things up.
June 30 2016 10:51:28
oh Wade, this is so awesome again :)
+1 July 01 2016 00:38:32 AKchen Wade
My dear Akchen. So kind! Is there any chance you can drop in at the jam in September?
June 30 2016 10:00:23
When things like this gets into my ears...I just stop any other thoughts and receive total pleasure. period
+2 July 01 2016 00:37:44 kennyadry Wade
That's an amazing thing to say. Hopefully yo get as much pleasure as you give to so many others with your playing.
June 30 2016 08:38:37
Extraordinary sound control , great fluidity , intensity and feeling! Great ingredients for a great musical recipe...:)
+1 July 01 2016 00:35:33 Stef Wade
Man you say the nicest thing! Thanks.
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