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Major 3rd

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needs everything....bass, keys..etc back up vocals........Orange wedge

Man it feels like the world
Is going crazy
And IM not sure where its going
When it’s all undone
We are brothers, sisters
We must try to make a difference
Things are spinning out of balance
Time to stop its time to focus
Endless fighting , endless cycles
Blood the payment for the deeds
Orange wedge we need a little love instead
Try an orange wedge
Things just keep on moving forward
It seems we never learn
All the wars , and all the tears of sorrow
The unfortunate ones
Are the little children
And all the creatures on our planet
The point of life is not to kill it
Life’s a circle we can’t break it
Nature finds a way to right it
Take the time to look inside
Man it feels like the world
Is going crazy
And IM not sure where its going
When it’s all undone
Things just keep on moving forward
It seems we


July 07 2016 12:40:22
ivaxivax fantastic Major :)
+1 July 07 2016 17:58:02 ivaxMajor 3rd
thanks Ivan ;o)
July 02 2016 20:21:24
KeitonKeiton Great song of you made. You have a magic always :)
+1 July 03 2016 07:00:17 KeitonMajor 3rd
Thanks Keiton...just did one of yours...77151;o)
July 02 2016 16:35:52
PsychoPsycho Well done Major... a fine vocal and meaningful lyric !!
+1 July 03 2016 06:56:41 PsychoMajor 3rd
thank you..
July 02 2016 14:25:25
onewholeftonewholeft Pretty good as is I think 😄😄😄
+1 July 03 2016 06:58:35 onewholeftMajor 3rd
July 02 2016 14:20:09
KermitKermit I can agree with the lyrics...yeah, we should to try to keep it better....
+1 July 03 2016 06:59:04 KermitMajor 3rd
for sure! ;o)
July 02 2016 12:21:15
davidaustindavidaustin cool.
+1 July 03 2016 06:58:49 davidaustinMajor 3rd

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