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Got a gig tonight so I did some soft playing this afternoon and a bit rehearsing for the pub!

some piano and soft rhodes under it.... little bit of freaking....

cheers and have a good weekend all!



May 23 2017 19:33:59
Super, tastefully done

July 12 2016 23:32:49
francisco alfrancisco al
ficou bom. bom trabalho
+1 July 13 2016 00:34:35 francisco al Marceys
Thanks a lot!
July 04 2016 04:01:49
I am sure they will be in awe of you playing, just like we are !
+1 July 04 2016 20:13:14 goldtop68 Marceys
I have a lot of fun playing with these guys on a live stage just as i like playing here with you guys and dolls! :)
July 04 2016 02:06:21
Lovely tones Marceys, fits beautifully.. ;)
+1 July 04 2016 20:12:16 nuno1959 Marceys
Beautiful pallet of musical scenery that was to hard to resist not to play something to it! :)
July 03 2016 20:46:10
Perfect fit! Like it so much, Marc!! :)
+1 July 03 2016 21:58:24 pkliesch Marceys
Glad you like it Patrick! Was very cool to play something to your beautiful guitars and the tight feel of DFD!
July 03 2016 13:06:48
Sounds great Marc!To me it has an old school Marvin Gaye feel. Very nice from all. Well done...
+1 July 03 2016 20:40:21 glennp Marceys
Marvin Gaye, love him! Thanks for the great compliment glenn! ;) some singing maybe? :)
July 03 2016 03:04:24
Pit BrettPit Brett
makes me wish to come to your gig! very relaxed and sweet :)
+1 July 03 2016 10:53:11 Pit Brett Marceys
That would have been cool indeed! The gig was relaxed with happy people that were very enthousiastic! We will meet at the gig in September! :)
July 03 2016 00:24:53
This has summer breezes and carefree times written all over it. So good to hear you in this frame of mind.
+1 July 03 2016 10:52:00 Wade Marceys
Yeah, i have to simulate that summerfeeling cause it is raining all the time here! This kind of softness an round playing is something i like too but do not play very often! :)
July 02 2016 21:26:01
Hi there Marc! so good to hear you around and listen to this such a sweet lovely track from you , Have a great gig, and all my best wishes for the new school stuff!
+1 July 03 2016 10:50:18 aleonz Marceys
Thanks so much Alice! It is good to be arround much more as you know for yourself as well!
The gig was cool and the new workspot is something i'm looking forward too in a great way! :) cheers!
July 03 2016 17:42:42 aleonz aleonz
So glad to know, i'm happy for you Marc :)
July 02 2016 21:12:57
Lovely Marc.
+1 July 03 2016 10:48:49 FrankieJ Marceys
Thanks a lot Frankie!
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