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OK, I jumped on it...doesn't happen often. This track is so good for once I thought I'd be the first sax to do the honors.


July 05 2016 22:35:36
Pit BrettPit Brett I agree Stef`s comment with the floating lines... great how you three made this! :)
+1 July 05 2016 23:52:46 Pit BrettWade
Thanks Pit. Glad you like. I still have some reservations about having approached it too technically...maybe I needed the exercise?
July 05 2016 20:33:08
haddockhaddock Hey Wade, love this! Gonna upload a remix of this one right now.
+1 July 05 2016 23:51:11 haddockWade
And so you did! Thanks so much.
July 05 2016 11:29:36
JMFJMF Great track, all work well together :)
+1 July 05 2016 11:56:00 JMFWade
Thanks JMF. So good to have you stop by and give a listen.
July 04 2016 10:10:35
kennyadrykennyadry This is a different caliber and on very much high level of proficiency and musicality! You guys are awesome!
+1 July 04 2016 12:22:50 kennyadryWade
Very kind of you to see the positive side of this more technical sax line. Not sure what I was thinking, but the exercise was good.
July 04 2016 09:56:27
StefStef Wave, your sax floats soft and light in this sea of ​​soft sounds. Perfect complement to this beautiful track. :)
+2 July 04 2016 12:21:23 StefWade
Thanks Stef. May be a bit too technical, but if you like it then that's good. I've got one of your tracks ready to post. 76988 is a lot less technical but I've used some "strange harmonies" that hopefully will be OK with you. Will probably post in a day or two.
July 04 2016 12:41:40 StefStef
I'm anxious to hear it, I am sure about the quality now knowing a little your musical vision that is always aimed at the sound research and experimentation. Thank you Wade.
July 05 2016 03:43:56 StefWade
Quoted the wrong number. It's 76907. Also have 76988 done, but will post that at another time (place?)
July 04 2016 04:57:08
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)
+1 July 04 2016 12:17:12 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks for the listen Lenny. Much appreciated.
July 04 2016 04:05:01
PsychoPsycho Great... first is good... this is good, enjoyed a lot !!
+1 July 04 2016 12:16:53 PsychoWade
Thanks Mr B. did this rather technically...not sure why. Glad you find it OK.
July 04 2016 03:48:44
AKchenAKchen enjoy it .... :)
+1 July 04 2016 12:15:56 AKchenWade
Thanks AKchen. Will try to catch your new album soon. Will you be able to come to the jam?
July 04 2016 01:24:04
TofzegritTofzegrit Crossroads 🎶💜🎶
+1 July 04 2016 12:14:42 TofzegritWade
Got to admit that I'm less sure about this now than when recorded. For some reason went toward a very "up" technical version when simple smooth might have been better. Was a good exercise anyway.
July 04 2016 01:23:34
GemmyFGemmyF What an outro! All you guys! Sending me in a zone while I have a mild dose of heat stroke!
+1 July 04 2016 12:12:43 GemmyFWade
Sorry about the long drive in the heat.

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