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Again a big thanks to Stef for an incredible track and DFD for the super drumming. The mix was tricky so I hope it worked ok =)
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great Work Psycho :)+1
July 04 2016 22:53:57
Psycho Thanks very much abu... This had to be the toughest mix of all. I didn't want to destroy anything :) +1
Well done bro!!!+1
July 04 2016 22:52:47
Psycho Thanks Ken... hard to pass these up. I'm becoming a melody freak :) +1
July 04 2016 23:11:46
KMstar Keep it up it is working for you! +1
July 04 2016 23:13:26
Psycho Haha... "Old Man" syndrome has arrived ;) +1
July 05 2016 01:05:09
KMstar I watched the Jaco movie on netfix yesturday while I worked on rehabing the old workhorse and he said that to play a bass line it was importaint to know the melody first and be able to play that then write the bass line, it has to be much more importaint for a guitar then, thats how I see it anyway. I think you do a great job at finding the melody in songs and its what makes it work +1
July 05 2016 01:55:07
Psycho Thanks man... that's very nice of you to say. Yes, what you mention is very true. I also think this place has so much to offer it can't be helped but to learn a lot of fresh techniques from you guys. Guitar lessons were always a bore, but the loops is a music school that we can't wait to attend :) +1
Great Psych, you put here total sensitivity, delighted to hear your idea in this piece,:)+1
July 04 2016 22:51:22
Psycho Thanks my friend... I heard your take last night and loved it. My first upload was right behind you, but I deleted it for reasons I hope all can understand. Not to mention the mix was all wrong. The respect here is great :) +1
July 04 2016 23:06:22
ivax If there is anything I like here, is respect for the work of peers, I admire the different points of view, on the same musical base, we are a team trying to improve every day :) +2
July 04 2016 23:11:27
Psycho It's tough when two people upload a version at the same time. It happens, no one can control it but us. Yes... I feel there is a lot of respect here :) :) +2
You killed it on this Bruce. Playlisted+1
July 04 2016 22:57:41
Psycho Well, thanks very much Tom... I just wasn't sure if it sounded right, but with your kind words maybe it does :) +1
July 06 2016 00:42:20
Psycho Always great to hear from you Ian, thanks for the nice word :) Means a lot !! +0
Beautiful emotional playing Bruce. And the mix sounds spot on to me mate ! Great job !! :)+1
July 06 2016 00:41:31
Psycho Thanks Rob... I'm learning to follow this melodic magic. I'm also enjoying all this wonderful music that is available to choose from :) +1
Nice lines complimenting the keys.+1
July 06 2016 00:39:06
Psycho Wade, you have been a staple here for so many of the fine folks here. You are greatly appreciated !! :) +1
July 06 2016 00:50:08
Wade Better to be a paper clip...easier to remove. +1
July 06 2016 00:51:28
Psycho Not gunna happen :) +1
fantastic bro:)+1
July 06 2016 00:37:30
Lenny Cowler
Psycho I really thank you for listening to my stuff Lenny... you're a fine friend !! +0
Yeah Man!+1
July 06 2016 00:35:49
Psycho Thanks Tof... it was a soft landing :) +1
wonderful playing Bruce, what a great track this is.+1
July 06 2016 00:34:27
Psycho Thank you my friend... been doing a few of these lately and have enjoyed every minute of it :) +1

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