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Got my holiday for a week, but I have to leave for a couple of days, but this amazing song stuck in my head, from the first time I listened to it, so I need to pause my time for a while to sing along with this lovely song from Stef & Klaus, sorry if I missed some remix for this track, I left some area clear for solo tho :) the lyrics are from my little note around 6 ...
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Aleonz, DafunkyDrummer, Stef, Pop, vocal, hammon, soul, drums


Anyone who loves music, like me, is happy that you have make ​​that decision! Alice, when I wrote this song, I had in my ears the your voice and your fabulous backings ... and now .... it's really here. Believe me, I get goose bumps and I'm entranced by your extraordinary vocal qualities as well as the lyrics. You're really .... stairway to heaven !+4
July 10 2016 22:44:44
aleonz one step of a change leads to many things, and i'm so grateful to what it leads me to, I wont get a chance to be able to know you and other friends here in loops if i'm not make that decision ,I always have a wonderful moment sing a long with your song Stef! this one is one of my fave of yours :) thank you for keep sharing us your beautiful music +1
This is fantastic Alice, you know how to perfectly, focus on the vocals, choirs, guidelines, the lyrics, everything is beautiful :)+2
July 10 2016 22:49:53
aleonz Xavi! thank you very much for you great compliment! +1
Have a good holiday. Me to I am off to Bangkok!+1
July 10 2016 22:40:49
aleonz Hi Ray! thank you so much, hope you have a great holiday! +1
lovely Alice, so great that you catched this track, so wonderful fitting & sung :)+1
July 10 2016 22:41:13
aleonz Thank you so much Andrea! +0
Alice, you never fail to add such a perfect fit both musically and lyrically.+1
July 10 2016 22:45:08
Russ Burke
aleonz Thank you very much Russ! +0
Oh yea. You're really in your element with these slow ballads. Big backing vocals too. Very profound lyrics from the heart.+1
July 10 2016 22:46:38
aleonz Thank you so much Wade, always grateful to find a home to my lyrics +1
fantastic sing, sang, song :)
Nice holiday for you :)
July 10 2016 22:47:10
Pit Brett
aleonz Thank you so much Pit, just listened to your beautiful track...that's makes me smile ! +1
very good!+1
July 10 2016 22:47:28
aleonz Thank you so much Jim! +0
Great song Al! :)+1
July 10 2016 22:47:49
aleonz Thank you so much Ernie! +1
Just 01:25 :)+1
July 10 2016 22:48:48
aleonz Wooo! thank you so much Tof, for this and for you great guitar track! +1

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