Let It Be Just A Dream

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Absolutely love this track. Tried a few melodic ideas. All came into focus from 2:58 to the end (if you don't tend to listen to whole tracks please listen to that part. A personal best).


Do you remember when I told you that many know how to play their instrument, but few know how to make him talk ? Well I have been reductive. You do not do it just talk, you do it cry, you do it moan .... I was certain that this track would have allowed you to pull out your great quality. Absolutely fantastic execution and the way in which you are immersed in this mood. Thank you so much Wade.+2
July 06 2016 01:06:25
Wade Thanks Stef, yes, I remember. Was easy for me to be immersed in this as the mood and melodic possibilities were already there. I did push your harmonies a bit far, and am glad that you were OK with that. +0
You would charm a snake I am certain of it :D
Bravo for the bewitchment !
July 06 2016 01:17:52
Wade Funny you should mention charming snakes. I'm at our place in Far Northern Queensland (Australia) and we have multiple snakes in our ceiling that come out to shed their skins. Recently had an incident of removing the shed skins from the roof gutters. Unfortunately one of the skins was still partially attached. Nothing worse than irritating a grumpy three meter long python.

Thanks for your kind positive comment titi. Much appreciated.
a part I really like is when you are under Stef and he's letting it rip and you are holding the line with DaFunkyD+1
July 06 2016 01:00:41
Wade Really appreciate that you listen to what's happening when the sax goes into backing mode. There's a real effort to make that work. Thanks GemmyF. +0
July 06 2016 01:06:34
Leftdaloops1019 Really love the intermingling of sounds be they upfront or holding the line--to me it all adds up to quality listening! great playing! +1
Sometimes we can be proud :) (and dare to write it).

The end is magic (ultimate note is so "bye")
July 06 2016 01:03:06
Wade Thanks Tof. Didn't think I was being too bold. Really wanted to share the end bit and know that many may only listen to a few bars and go "OK, thumb, It's cool". +0
Brilliant !!!! Playlisted+1
July 06 2016 01:03:40
Wade Always an honor to have you say those magic words. Thanks Cody. +0
Hey Wade great melody with sensitivity, :)+1
July 06 2016 01:10:14
Wade Thanks Xavi! I really enjoyed this one. +1
Masterly played Wade!! Magic is in the whole track!! :)+1
July 06 2016 01:20:26
Wade Thanks Franky. Much credit to Stef for setting up such a wonderful track. I love these moody sorts of plays. +0
Very nice!+1
July 06 2016 01:20:49
Wade So good of you to listen and comment. Thanks. +1
July 06 2016 01:21:01
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny. +1
fantastic :)+1
July 06 2016 01:22:17
Wade Thanks my dear AKchen. Still want to know if you're going to drop in at the big jam? +1
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